Tuesday, January 11, 2022

GO TO CHURCH!!! (where it’s not imperative to listen or hear)

Earth is burning,
anger’s rising,
faith is falling
the seas are cumming.

The news ain’t good
neither is the
human reaction;
hit a stewardess,
flip a butt into the Angels Forest
shoot someone trying to
share the freeway.
We are on fire
and the anger is 360°.

It’s all a hoax,
no it’s actuality

bogus media,
oh please it’s reality

or not quite woke,
no time for the 1950’s to decease

It’s not up to them who scream,
them who know to show
they are fully immersed,
riding that Q line bus.
While nature (human and natural) loudly
(very loudly) is  trying to warns us.

Is anyone listening? Anyone?

© 1/11/2022



  1. I'm listening but I'm only one person

    1. I constantly feel that way too Kylie but then I have my words to use for light. I can do little else beside write and sway.

  2. The ones who need to be listening are just hearing a big cha-ching, and that's all they want to hear. "no time for the 1950’s to decease.." God, they will not die, will they, no matter how often we put a stake through their nasty, greedy heart? I think the most depressing thing about now is that my own particular "then"--the 60's and 70's--might never have even existed--not one lesson learned, not one thing saved...Oh well. I'll be out of here soon enough. I only hope the young can come to terms with all the shit they have to deal with, and learn how to eat the rich.

    1. I once though that the young the Thurnburg' of the world. Sadly locally their herd is searching out, like every one else, their singular creature comforts FIRST.

      I so believe that most of our "kids" etc. now discount the boomers. The common perception being that we fucked up the world. We contributed sure like every previous generation since the early 19th century.

      I am supposing here that the young have us in target for every evil from slavery to a ...fuck me every evil now known to man. I was taught through the years that I am NOW a part of the problem so are you and you and you
      --as long as you're no older than 49. BWAHHHHAAA

      Too much division to actually correlate and find soulutions from the world populations who do engineering and science.

      All I can do Joy is step out of poetry mode for a moment and tell you that I love you and your work. SOOOOoooo

      Fuck 'em I ain't ready to drop off the face of life just yet. I would like to see some brace of people reverse the situation.

      Heal the climate and all of the hundreds of other things that belong on the list of things needing a cure.

  3. We are in dangerous time. You've captured it!

    1. We are Jeff and if I had my druthers I'd prefer Henry Va to see the course the culture and world takes. Personally I believe we are on the edge of a fascist state.

  4. Ya, me listening. Sending love, friend Mark. Wishing you well. Sending much love. cat.

  5. yup, you've nailed this. the fall of the unRoman American empire: it's too much to even keep up with. I am in shock at the folly of the current Administration. I didn't expect that. I'm not hopeless but I'm on edge. Maybe the natural world will save us if we smarten up in time. Those odds are iffy. Take care, Mark. love kj

  6. I had hoped for better with Biden kj---but then I looked at what and who he was working with. Fucking governing by consent when it only takes on voice to halt progress.


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