Tuesday, December 15, 2020


I step outside and see the lightning.
It is dry, there is no formal resound
of thunder, only a pulse of light
dancing with itself among the molecules
of this steamy atmosphere where rain once fell.

There is no more awe of air
or all that happens above my pay grade.
Only the grave sight resignation
that much beyond my porch
is far from my control.

I have walked among both
the rain drops and the tombstones.
I am touched by neither;
they have become oddities to me.

Water, undrinkable comes from above,
eroding the stone reminders
of a person once living forgotten,
now decaying ‘neath the marker,
‘cept by etching remembered.

Such is my own plan,
to be undrinkable
to be unremembered.
My own nothingness will be
a solace for my soulless being.

The lightening glows
for a moment
then disappears
I do like the way of quiet lightening.

© M Durfee
(2) 12/2020

Editing is a chore, a tedious, but necessary, undertaking. I am determined to get some of my shit edited even if...well I am determined. God bless you all, near and far, healthy and not, freedom loving or not.

1 more year ought to see us through the pandemic not the editing!


Monday, September 21, 2020


When the legally elected government commits itself to action it perpetrates that action on behalf of all Americans.

When children and parents are separated at our borders by the legally elected government that is not an action committed on behalf of only Caucasian Americans, but also Native Americans, LatinX Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and all other Americans regardless of how they identify regardless of whether they voted or not.

When the legally elected American Government commits itself to any action overseas, say the invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq in 2002, it did so in the name of all Americans regardless of whether they voted or not.

When the legally elected government uses its police powers to face off against anyone exercising their first amendment right to protest it does so in the name of all the people of the United States regardless of whether they voted or not.

When the legally elected government infringes on the individuals life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, that does not affect the majority population, it does so in the name of all Americans whether they voted or not.

Some Americans may wish to stand off from government actions but We the People state with full clarity our intentions for the government in the preamble to our constitution.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

There is no carve out that separates any race, creed, or orientation of the governed from actions committed by the government and this is why we vote.

(C) M Durfee


Monday, July 13, 2020



The long dusty yesterday.
Sand and boulders,
time imprinted,
lifted, looked under.
Snow on the mountain.
Avalanches expose footprints
buried in long wet tunnels
ending where the hot new day begins
at the opening to
the long dusty yesterday.

© M Durfee

Trudging on from birth, through the Cold War where we were taught to expect nuclear annihilation. Whistling past so many, too many, assassinations. Deciding which side of impermanent lines we "had to" choose. Wars that never ended, be they fought in foreign lands or boardrooms. Oh those former hippies who expanded free market capitalism for Reagan; while everyone else tried to train for a middle class that was not expanding.

Today becomes the right time to look back and see that we end up where we started, only older, fatter, and still trying.

Monday, June 29, 2020


Don’t look for a restart.
Power on or power off are your only choices.
Life, no matter how you are treated is analog,
always has been.
The best you can do
is enter through a controller
assembled in Asia.
Not all of the thumbprints there
are your own.
You can buy, sell,
go to heaven or hell
Your options and distractions
in the end always appear
in the analog reality.
Your life is not a meme caption.

© M Durfee

I do regret that it has taken me this long to move off the morass that I did not want but was overcome by. The protests movements in this modern era when the shoe is on the other foot compared to the 60's. Trump of course adding his impacted ass into everything except what he should. On and on and on.

I do however hope that everyone is well enough, not virus sick.

Be Well and at peace