Friday, January 21, 2022


 Lies reign, dropping
from a clouded blue sky,
flooding the civil minded.

More bullshit steering and
covering the shredded
powerless herds in the republic.

Most words fall far short telling of the damage done.
Historical quotes “Kill ‘em---kill ‘em all”
will always work just fine to make the point.

And when the killing is done, the twist and spin is over;
the only edifice left standing are the houses of the bully boys
with their sausage fat fingers playing with their buttons.

Trying to poke new holes for buttons,
while exposing their inflated fat bellies,
that they cannot reach to cover.

And when the lie has become absolute truth
spoken only through the offsite mouth of Big Brother
you will not remember the meaning of the freedom you lost.

© M Durfee
radoo 1/21/2022

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

GO TO CHURCH!!! (where it’s not imperative to listen or hear)

Earth is burning,
anger’s rising,
faith is falling
the seas are cumming.

The news ain’t good
neither is the
human reaction;
hit a stewardess,
flip a butt into the Angels Forest
shoot someone trying to
share the freeway.
We are on fire
and the anger is 360°.

It’s all a hoax,
no it’s actuality

bogus media,
oh please it’s reality

or not quite woke,
no time for the 1950’s to decease

It’s not up to them who scream,
them who know to show
they are fully immersed,
riding that Q line bus.
While nature (human and natural) loudly
(very loudly) is  trying to warns us.

Is anyone listening? Anyone?

© 1/11/2022


Monday, November 29, 2021


There is found a place where one can stand,
feeling nothing, as the world turns giving life to man,
with its abundance of mechanical squeaks and strains,
oil leaks and shuddering pains; all with an uncompromised view.

OF all the stupid fucking things people do!

What a damn sight to see inside of the Insane Arena
($500mil to have naming rights, an insane name for an insane price
{OH MY how nice!!}) Ever beena to the Insane Arena?
The cheap seats, that’s where it’s best to be inna scena.

I lost my train of thought while deciding on punctuation in poetry
should we use it Michelle should we not All while waiting floating really
in the record machine rewaxing stacks Working days of heat and haze
squeak strain shudder oil drops on the clean floor BANG Here Comes the Sun

I know it comes because Ritchie told me so
after the stack was rewaxed or is that jacked?
George and him saw that the “…ice is slowly melting…” well shit!
Its’a crime with the ice melting as fast as a virgin boy’s first time

Everyone seems to be so intent on arguing the arguments
that the reasons for the clash gets buried. Whatta stash!
Buried in case the future tries to find it! Awwww SHIT!
Faster and faster ocean bellies grow…

© M Durfee

Covid, cash, wealth of thought, poverty of place, changing climate, over industrialization, under education, of all the stupid fucking things people do.

Saturday, October 16, 2021


There is no call loud enough, forceful enough
to wake some people afraid of being “woked,”
or cancelled for past outrages, or living a linear life.
That’s just to goddamn boring but TV! now,
TV! has all of the charm of a porn prince!

You say you never check out the guy, uh huh sure.

It’s not real, you are still
sitting on your ass waiting for better days,
comfortable in your found easy chair.
You know what’s real—you do
because some crazy ass shaman told you so---

and you believed him.

In the dry dusty places where you seek
Peyote, sweat lodges, and vision for your blindness.
What have you found, what do you think?
Is there hope for a fucking guide to reteach you,
the knowledge you brought here with you?

Open your eyes if you can.