Friday, January 21, 2022


 Lies reign, dropping
from a clouded blue sky,
flooding the civil minded.

More bullshit steering and
covering the shredded
powerless herds in the republic.

Most words fall far short telling of the damage done.
Historical quotes “Kill ‘em---kill ‘em all”
will always work just fine to make the point.

And when the killing is done, the twist and spin is over;
the only edifice left standing are the houses of the bully boys
with their sausage fat fingers playing with their buttons.

Trying to poke new holes for buttons,
while exposing their inflated fat bellies,
that they cannot reach to cover.

And when the lie has become absolute truth
spoken only through the offsite mouth of Big Brother
you will not remember the meaning of the freedom you lost.

© M Durfee
radoo 1/21/2022


  1. Freedom is in danger these days. Thanks for your words, Mark.

  2. All too true. I wake up every day during this surge of death we're currently experiencing and feel totally abandoned by the government we elected to serve us. It doesn't matter that Trump is gone--the whole structure is rotten and bloated like a corpse. And your poem gives a true portrait f the fat-bellied greedy liars who have done it. Historical quotes indeed. "Bring ut your dead.And then go to work!"

  3. 'the only edifice left standing are the houses of the bully boys'
    what a powerful image, mark.
    I'm teetering but not hopeless. what scares me the most is that many of those trumpers who don't mind the lies and corruption also have military training and guns. there are far more decent and aware people who know better, but if the trump folks start shooting (again, aka 1/6/21) we'd better know how to fight back. We can't afford to be wimps or mutes. all this is complicated, I think, but the current president. he's been a disappointment. he seems actually, too old.) so who's going to rise? That seems to be a hugely important question.
    love kj


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