Monday, November 29, 2021


There is found a place where one can stand,
feeling nothing, as the world turns giving life to man,
with its abundance of mechanical squeaks and strains,
oil leaks and shuddering pains; all with an uncompromised view.

OF all the stupid fucking things people do!

What a damn sight to see inside of the Insane Arena
($500mil to have naming rights, an insane name for an insane price
{OH MY how nice!!}) Ever beena to the Insane Arena?
The cheap seats, that’s where it’s best to be inna scena.

I lost my train of thought while deciding on punctuation in poetry
should we use it Michelle should we not All while waiting floating really
in the record machine rewaxing stacks Working days of heat and haze
squeak strain shudder oil drops on the clean floor BANG Here Comes the Sun

I know it comes because Ritchie told me so
after the stack was rewaxed or is that jacked?
George and him saw that the “…ice is slowly melting…” well shit!
Its’a crime with the ice melting as fast as a virgin boy’s first time

Everyone seems to be so intent on arguing the arguments
that the reasons for the clash gets buried. Whatta stash!
Buried in case the future tries to find it! Awwww SHIT!
Faster and faster ocean bellies grow…

© M Durfee

Covid, cash, wealth of thought, poverty of place, changing climate, over industrialization, under education, of all the stupid fucking things people do.


  1. Tell it. I have stopped even trying to read or talk to "the other side." For a long time it seemed they were just confused, but that point has passed,. We have evil on a plate in front of us--you can send it away, or you can eat it and ask for more. Too many fall into that second category, and I'll be damned if I know or care why any more. I just know the lines are now drawn. This is a solid, on target piece of analysis, and also a skillful poem, Mark. Keep preaching, even if it's only to the choir.

  2. There will be those who will say "I told you so" and others who will say "I didn't know".
    And, we don't really need punctuation if the words are clear.


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