Saturday, October 16, 2021


There is no call loud enough, forceful enough
to wake some people afraid of being “woked,”
or cancelled for past outrages, or living a linear life.
That’s just to goddamn boring but TV! now,
TV! has all of the charm of a porn prince!

You say you never check out the guy, uh huh sure.

It’s not real, you are still
sitting on your ass waiting for better days,
comfortable in your found easy chair.
You know what’s real—you do
because some crazy ass shaman told you so---

and you believed him.

In the dry dusty places where you seek
Peyote, sweat lodges, and vision for your blindness.
What have you found, what do you think?
Is there hope for a fucking guide to reteach you,
the knowledge you brought here with you?

Open your eyes if you can.




  1. There's a world-weariness to the rage underneath here--these times wear away at us, eat our stamina and make a shambles of what we once believed.The truth of how people are now is here, how they won't listen except to the kool-aid purveyors of choice, and how we all bear the consequences. Really couldn't agree with you more, either.

    1. Joy, I am about wearied out of any thought other than the nation has gone to shit in the past 6 years.

  2. We are living in a chaotic world in which truth is no longer relevant... I am concerned. Good rant!

    1. It is a good thing to know where the well of truth lay, Jeff.

  3. How do we know who and what to believe when we can be overwhelmed by so much all the time from everywhere?
    Who's right, who's wrong? What's right, what's wrong?
    Seems like even common sense is uncommon. We want to be right but... And in the end, what really matters? Are we born knowing but lose it? Gaaahhhh!

    1. For me Jean I lean back into the examples my parents gave me. That is personal truth--same as any other "feeling" or knowing about what worked and what didn't.

      The other side is TRUTH as it knows itself to be. It seems like truth gets intermediately buried by the events surrounding it. But TRUTH leaves breadcrumbs for a trail and isn't so easily dissuaded into obscurity--even if it takes years---truth will out.

      We also focus on the boob who makes the most noise and when it comes to Trump and his truth--the more noise he makes he thinks truth is further buried--it is hard because we have come to accept that the wheels of justice are pitted and grinding against the brake rotors.

      It is not buried too deeply and it will all come out--eventually.

  4. Hello Mark, well, it's happened: I"m about as depressed and disgusted as you are. The world is off its axis. I'm watching the trial of this teenager who shot and killed two unarmed men during a demonstration and it has a 'normalcy'to it that's nuts.

    I still hope. My own life is gratefully good. I'm into a writing groove and I'm content baking and gallivanting and mothering and grandmothering and partnering. But: I now know something about human beings that I wish I had never known. I should haver known already, of course, but living through Trump has been something else again.

    It's nice to read your poems again Mark. xo


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