Sunday, May 17, 2015


Living in a GMO neighborhood
where the burned out abandoned houses
grow differently day by day in the fields
that now have a pungent cadaver smell
wafting from the enormous weeds growing there.

It is hopeless to have hope when the genetic strands
know there is no label on the package
wrapping this place so far away
from the growing organic portions that produce profit
for the social chemists that decades ago started the experiments.

Some say there was good intent
only no forward thought to the destruction
the modifications have wrought today.
Born pure I’ve become modified a’ready.
My strands twist and turn chemically away.

Attitudes modified by age and bad air
yet old enough to remember time
before the laboratory opened the doors
to the destructive enhancements
on what had been growing just fine.

© M Durfee

Do not disparage aging away and death as the work of the Devil, it is the Savior from living the encroaching rot that is eating mankind.--md


  1. This is too real. It reminds me vividly of an argument I had with a geneticist twenty years ago. He couldn't understand why the law was so cautious of what he considered every little thing in his field and claimed there were no accidentally unsafe creations in his field.

  2. I reckon society almost always has some rot at its core.

  3. We have taken on the role of creator, and now must deal with the responsibility that comes with that power. It is interesting how our increase in "knowledge" has brought us ever closer to our destruction.

  4. ... my mumme never followed any rules regarding immunization, iodization, fluoridation and what ever "they" told her to do with us kids ... I did it all for my own kids ... and so far we all are fine ... it seems to work itself out no matter which ever way one gets to walk ... don't u think, meouwpapa walking man mark, hmmm?

    1. PS: ... apart from the recurring night mares ... me is doing really well, thank you :)

  5. Knowledge is often, if not always, a two-edged sword.

  6. This poem and comments are considerably more positive than I am about GMOs, vaccinations and fluoridation. Any objective reading would conclude those things were deliberately introduced to kill us and destroy our cognitive abilities. We don't like to contemplate such things, so we bravely conclude it's the profit margin, unintended consequences and human stupidity at the root of the poisoning of our food and water supply, the invasion of our bodies with toxins, and the severe drop-off in intelligence as a direct result of these practices. Thus we become easy marks for corrupted science telling us there's nothing wrong, and we rot from within. The ruling class only eat organic food and only drink filtered water -- and they know vaccinations are for the little people, who can't sue and don't ask why monkey DNA is in the dose. Why don't we follow their example? We can't afford to live longer? In my view, we still have the slave DNA from the Annunaki that keeps us looking for Gods and Lords and Doctors instead of paying attention to our own bodies.

  7. Mark, I eat mostly organic and non-gmo. I eschew preservatives and all frankenfood. However, it does not change the decay and rot we see. How could it?


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