Thursday, May 14, 2015


The sounds of the breeze making the singing of the trees a song, nature written oft times falling on deaf ears. Not hearing the song is akin to the blind eyes that never look up to sees suns and planets playing hide and seek with the clouds. We have come used to the concrete sight of our surroundings, where only wheels and feet clatter off key tunes occasionally punctuated by other human noise. This is the cacophony of lives lived in lost knowledge of the natural world buried ‘neath the human one. We have time, yet refuse it to listen and see.

The winds blow the stench of bitterness and blight
through slumlord loaded neighborhoods filled with
cons and crooks looking to regain an untaxed uncared for
toe hold in cityscapes overly taxed to reforming for the gentry.

The hipsters drag on e-cigs vaporizing
while lecturing the coffee shop crowds
about farming lots where families once stood.
Though the new intelligentsia refuse
to get a pen knife out to dig dirt hardened
under their own nails that never touch the soil.
They believed that what they do eat
is really organic and not brownfield grown.

Acres vast and wide now desolate and decimate
with so many drugs, whores, guns, lead poisoning
fertilized with the bodies of the dead babies
caught in the crossfire of teens having kids
in a culture that no longer cares for them.
They want the stage, to act like adults
but on government enslaving grants to grow
only more of the same: Give me poverty
or give me death. Both are near akin.

A once portly middle belly
now shrunken thinned out
by an Auschwitz mentality
in the actions of oligarchs;
Work Shall make You Free.  

That there is no work
is when from the soiled diapers
of the teens grows the grim reality
of potent cocks unleashed on abandoned
babies with babies that don’t have tits mature enough
to nurse a child, much less mind enough to teach them
to look up and stare until they find a star afar off calling them
to a destiny beyond the slums of a city filled
with a humanity birthing a vicious feral reality
that has no other desire than to use them for fertilizer,
mulch so the wealth will continue to grow
in the banks of them who hold the gild of gold.

© M Durfee


  1. "Fertilized with the bodies." How true. How awful. How terribly human

    1. If Darwin is correct about his theory of evolution then it is now just the natural progression of our humanity Charles. Sad for some but there are them who revel in it and can't wait for the mass genocide to occur. They will be safe in their shelters with purified air and genetic diversity to wait out Armageddon.

  2. I still think there is a lot of truth in the first one. We become accustomed to that which we have created as opposed to the world we were created for. I think that much of what is wrong with us can be attributed to our loss of touch with nature.

    Whew. That last stanza bears a heavy truth for my students, many of which are graduating here in 2 weeks.

    1. X-You know how one thing leads to another--I am tired of what I am surrounded by,

  3. My reality is much closer to your first version than your second. I still think Detroit has corroded your vision.

    1. No Alice the diabetes is corroding my vision, my insight though is just fine and on target. I am well aware of my surroundings, the people in them, and the government that squeezes it to nothing but blight.

  4. mothers too young to nurse is a grand poetic image. so are organic brownfields. I figured you'd be all over the gentrification that is supposed to save the city. Nature does seem to abhor anyone who wants to do something about all of this.

    1. I have been railing locally about the selective gentrification of the city that has been going on since 1968, the year after Detroit's great rebellion against an oppressive police force. Things have changed since then but not really for the good. The first 45 years was spent mostly spinning wheels then when the bottom truly dropped out the multimillionaires moved in and mad themselves multibillionaires. Detroit is 140 sq miles and the majority of the gentrification is centered in one 10 sq. mile area and combined another 5.5 sq miles of historic neighborhoods. The politicians promise has always been that it will spread outwards from downtown and the river to the furthest reaches of the city. It was a lie 60 years ago and it is a lie today. city services, with the exception of welfare and trash hauling have abandoned the majority areas of the city.

      Bill, I don't know if you have ever had a 12 year old come up to you and ask you if you'd shoot him and you had to answer "if you cross the line, yes." It is unnerving at times, because I know the truth of it, the police will only come and get out of their cars in the neglected neighborhoods on two occasions.

      1) If they are doing a multi jurisdictional raid. A day long sweep through about a square mile area.

      2) If there is a body on the ground and the gun fire is finished.

      In the rebuilt rehabbed $1800 a month condo areas, you can't spit on the sidewalk without getting a ticket. when a sports game is happening 64% of all police resources are diverted to the downtown area where the arena's are. Most crime and conflict in the neighborhoods that are largely blighted and abandoned you make your police report bu phone and 10 days later yo can get a printed copy for $7.00.

      This was largely an industrial city with factories in every corner of it, large and small, and you know as well as I do that there was no EPA when they were up and running so there are few areas of the city suitable for urban farming without massive soil replacement. But that doesn't happen so the poor get the brownfield food and the gentry well hell Whole Foods built them a grocery store. The city is dying and them who run it, the oligarchs say the sooner the better, once people are out of the way of the other 125 sq miles te sooner the monopoly pieces can be put in place.

  5. Powerful and some awful truths--the babies life will bring on a continuation of the same or worse--how do we break them free?

    1. Jeff that is the question isn't it, changing the system to stop the dependency of generation after generation. We have entire sections of society that will not work, most everyone thinks they belong, not just comfortable but unbelievably wealthy. It once was true, before free trade agreements and the ease of off shoring jobs that anyone who would get up and go to work would prosper but now one can make more by not working. I personally am all for deflation, low wages, affordability, but it runs counter to the 10% who own the wealth of the nation and the world. So here, in my neighborhood, mothers push their female children to have kids as soon as possible because that keeps the income stream alive. Also the crime streaks, child abuse and abject American poverty--but few care and them that do are fighting an uphill battle.

  6. Replies
    1. Cloudia, Remember greed is good. I believe at some time that line will be added to the pledge of allegiance.

  7. Love how you showed the transformation in the last two pieces. The power of art!


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