Thursday, April 16, 2015


I am gay, straight, deist, political, male, female, child, aborted, born unwanted, in foster care, welfare taker baby maker, illiterate, believer in climate change, denier of the same. I am elected, appointed, ran over, tax payer, facts dodger, fan of all things explosive, especially handguns. I am military, spit upon, glorified for them I killed, loved only for them that died. I am fighting for oil because that’s how you see it, I am not fighting for freedom for others which of course is bullshit as some see it. I am a family on the brink, a ship about to sink, one who loves to drink to get me drunk, junky monkey, as well as a lover of fat fast food junk. I am good, bad, mean, cruel and kind. Hate me, rape me, kill me too, I am Liberal. Conservative, Christian, Muslim, Jew. I am the soul of society and I am sick of you and you and you and you too and everything you, whatever you are, do. Why not just say it straight we raise up generation after generation in pools of despicable hate; that is our love, it is what makes me as a societies soul truly great.

© M Durfee

I for one am tired, exhausted, mentally physically, emotionally, spiritually. Two more babies were killed in a close in Detroit suburb this week, that goes with the two found in a freezer, all murdered by a parent. This does not include the 5 dive by or accidental killing of children less than 10 years old in the past 60 days or the one teenager shot in the head for sitting in a car smoking a little weed with her friends on the border of Detroit or the 21 year old who had just graduated college and was headed to grad school in the fall term. There are more, too many for me to want to remember but the entire spectrum is covered in what I have listed Blacks, Whites, babies, toddlers, teens and young adults. In the title "I" is imperial as in all inclusive. I don't UNDERSTAND why we all need to have someone to abhor, to hate, to look down upon. I simply am ignorant and can not quite figure it out.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Off the top of my head

Here I stand alone 
in the light of a falling sun--
and I know 
I am yet in the land of the forgotten, 
waiting on the night where I 
have learned to live.

Friday, April 10, 2015



Man was meant to eat in peace this life 
but we have come to love 
the taste of our wars and hate, 
what a waste this creation
within our hearts has become. 
Prayers are not like wishes 
when stars fall 
with both dreams and nightmares. 
I do not mourn the murderer fate 
but rather the joy, 
the happiness, 
the revenge comfort 
his guilty verdict creates.
Hold me down, lay the witchcraft slab on my chest, force me to think of it as rest, let me ‘lone until in crushing pain I cry out “I can see, I must agree! Your way is the right, true, and only way for every society.” Having no love for power and no wish to accomplish wealth through another’s slavery; I don’t care so much for your reluctance over my acceptance to be a part of this structure of a society gone blind, if not of eye then of mind.

(C) M Durfee