Saturday, December 20, 2014



Little girl, little girl two
how the love you taught to me
was a gift given from you,
ever passed along to others
for their knowledge of loving livin’.

I know now these decades later
those moments you had given,
how my innocence you protected
in the large hearts held close
in such budding beautiful spirits;
my life started on the day you first touched my soul,
sat upon my knee hearing for the hundredth time
“Eye a’ready toes ya I knees to get to nose ya.”

I never asked before who did more,
I was never able to shield you
from those early shores, pain and distress;
but never once, not ever once ,over times passing
did we forget that between our separate paths crossing
that there was always love bridging
across the space that separated too often us.

My darlin’ friend, one half of my dearest bookends
though you have gone through that dreadful door
we both know it not is the end but a new beginning
when the younger becomes the older. And none
will ever forget that “I will stand up to all
and never stop my shining happy  grinning”

You, the song bird in my life through long years gone,
now looking back with each mem’ry fondly doted upon.
The bird may be gone from my sight, gone from my life
but the song remains among my hearts truth, my ears delight.
Fly now my love, my heart’s daughter, my friend.

I will miss your smilin’ face yet where you are now
your light is just begun to burn with a new life
growing brighter and brighter still.
Soon that new light will overcome the memory of our pain.
Show me now again how to live anew.
Your star bright, my memory filled of the love that is you,
Your newest light freely illuminating for all them a way, who fear the night.

© M Durfee

Today a woman I have known since she was 4 years old is being laid to rest. This is for you Michelle, I am content in our 45 years of friendship and love. Shine on. Your sister and I will maintain our friendship and love.

Sunday, December 14, 2014



I walk in a field of pure white
to a dark horizon,
where no notice of sky can be seen.
I leave behind prints of the passage taken
and know no more other than the last step gone
and the next one to come.
My mind at times try’s childlike
to race ahead but once I arrive to that point
it is never as I thought it to be.
The purity of the expanse is reliant only upon me,
my step, my knowledge gained from the good and pain.
I am simple,
merely mortal in this place where it would seem
all that race around me fear the white or the dark,
thinking of little else but the point where the two meet.
I will to spend my steps contemplating the moment,
not a place where tomorrow never comes
and the troubles and good
is ever promised but never quite done.

© M Durfee

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

THE LAST 55--Galen Haynes is gone.

I woke this morning with a tear in my eye. Thoughts of, Mr, Know It All has died. That this weak mortal body, can hold such a generous soul, was in him exemplified. Now kicking ass in the place where the good wake when they have come to this life’s end. Rest well my friend.

© M Durfee

Today was to be Galen’s birthday in this place but they are celebrating with food, football and song with a parking lot full of Harleys. Galen passed after suffering a massive heart attack at work yesterday (12.9.2014)