Thursday, March 26, 2015


You can dog me about all a your religious refuse, be obtuse,
refuse me service if I don’t conform to your personal decision
on one of millions of religions.
Laws passing throughout the land
give folks a right to deny to me, everyman
everywhere guy, entrance through the door
which I’m glad not to walk in anyway
because why waste my day
on your god, on a bigoted whore?  

"No one in this General Assembly
is advocating a bill that would allow people
to discriminate, he said.*”
As long as the customer is white, republican,
heterosexual, perfect in health or not near dead.
I find it extremely odd that you,
Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Jew
tell me what gods word say I must do,
for as far as I know God doesn’t speak
openly in ears to neither me nor you.
That bullshit is for them mentally weak.

Let us continue to legislate freedom
away from all and for the few substitute hate.
If we have no one to piss on,
we have no god damned reason to feel great.

© M Durfee

"I think you will find that, if you do your homework in it, this law is not going to allow you to discriminate against anyone else or anyone's rights in this country," GOP Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long said

Conservative groups say the Indiana measure merely seeks to prevent the government from compelling people to provide such things as catering or photography for same-sex weddings or other activities they find objectionable on religious grounds.

*House Majority Leader Jud McMillin, R-Brookville Indiana

This is the federal law that states (22) are twisting to jump start segregation.


  1. Aah ... religion, for gawd's sake knock it off. Nutters one and all.

    1. AMEN Philip! I wouldn't go into some cathedral and demand they run their services the way I want them to. ergo leave me to live my life as I will.

  2. It's not even religion that says to push people away because of differences. It's the egotistical human mind that enforces these practices. In the bible -- God gave us a choice. God accepted everyone "AS IS" -- but the problem is, people discriminate and then base it on their "religion". They've been using the bible to hurt people since forever.
    "Written by man, inspired by God" seems like a load of crap when you read the texts that describes how slavery should be enforced and how people who love someone of the same gender will go to hell. And everything contradicts itself. Wine is good, Jesus made wine, wine is bad, don't drink, drunkards will go to hell, drink wine since you have digestive issues..... It's all in there. (Of course I would reference to wine, right?) Don't mess with mah' wine!



    Namast'ay away from that nonsense..............


    1. Deb, your logic and reasoning is part of the reason I have been and will continue to be a firm advocate for true equality for all. I'd like to live in simpler times and find the poetry of leaves of grass. But like Whitman we live in perilous times and i am compelled to detail the right and wrong of them.

  3. I've seen a rider attached to some of these that requires people who thus discriminate to indicate it publically. That might be one tack to take.

    1. I see for the past 4 days where Pence, the governor of Indiana is trying to walk back the freedom to discriminate wording of the law, but I haven't seen any such rider Charles. i have seen business' paste we do not discriminate on their winows in Indiana, but that's only one state, I believe Arkansas is now debating the same type of bill, which leads me to think this is ALEC sponsored legislation.

  4. Dang. Just when I thought it was unconstitutional.

    1. I guess we'll find out in June or so Alice. I am pretty sure that the Supreme Court will set these rulings back to the very end of this term just before they break for the summer.

  5. The Walking Man is angry today! I like the idea Charles mentioned.

    1. Jeff I don't know that I have the capacity for anger over politics anymore but I certainly am disappointed after having been alive for the civil rights movements, the anti-war protests, the removal of miscegenation laws, the removal of the codified "separate but equal" laws regarding education. I am disappointed that we are ever fighting the same war amongst ourselves and can't simply allow people to live their own lives free of intervention by government and ideologues.

  6. The irony of it all ~ I never thought these things are still happening :-(

    1. Grace, not only towards the LGBTQ community, but many are trying to turn this constitutional republic secular nation into a Christian (as they perceive that religion to be) into a theocratic democracy. Our prejudices, and there are many that run deeply in America, have us divided more ways than a sheet cake.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Gloria, I look forward to the day when I no longer need to write about equal rights for all.


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