Thursday, August 8, 2013



Who will love you?
Is all your love gone for all time?
Will the wildfire of your heart
ever again be more than a spark?

Is a wet rag filter good enough
to keep your love breathing
through the smoke and haze
left from the past better part of you days?

Does love have to be
a white hot horny teenager to be real?
Was that ever love or only the lust?
Is lust what an old man means when he says he loves?

Tell me where to send off again for a pill
to revive my loves ability
to express what once was strong and healthy
now age worn and not very steady?

I have to laugh at my confusion not knowing
if I ever had been the butt  of not funny joke
of males having two brains
and the smaller walnut sized one being the bigger.


I never knew my brain was hanging loose
Would get hung over when not in use
even when sober as a church song that’s been gloried to death
and sung to perdition of a congregation saying
how many hosannas have we left?

It is after all a nice day for loving (or perhaps even a little lusting.)
I seem to have a little trouble which I’m told comes in groups of three,
exactly the number of children I have left of my love or was it lust?
I have called truce, loosed the noose a bit on the question
from where does love rise and how long can love survive

and really once gone can love (or is it lust)
return to arise a new thing
as I grow away from thinking of love
as purely a physical emotional feeling.

© M Durfee

Don't ask where this came from. But I liked the rhythm and think it may be an attempt at humor towards "performance enhancing drugs." This one definitely is ripe for over thinking so don't. I probably will not get around to everyone this AM due to an early Dr. Appt. I wish it was a physical with prostrate check included but alas it is just a quarterly general inspection of an ass.


  1. i wouldnt mind exploring love/ lust a little, just to be sure of the difference.

    love the tag on this post

    1. Yes Kylie the differences...well lust us USUALLY practiced butt naked, but that is not a firm rule only one for advisement, you know zipper and carpet burn and all that. Love on the other hand is always practiced naked but you can keep you clothes on.

  2. mmm...general inspection eh? and you are writing about love and lust....heh....there are so many flavors to love, like baskins robins ice cream you know....its not always white heat....i would not worry on love surviving if we get out of the way of it...

    1. Yeah, a little double entendre there Brian. Oh good lord just give me old plain white bread love and i will be satisfied, i don't need complications of flavor.

  3. Makes me somehow glad.

    At well over seventy, I am looking forward to my semi-annual erection...But over here, at the seniors' apartments, I feel sometimes I am part of a dope ring (but it's really senior senility)and no one is doing any chemicals. No one is doing anything. :)

    1. Ivan oh Ivan my guess is everyone is doing one thing; dreaming of lust filled youth!

  4. I think Lana and I know the tender emotional side of love quite well these days.

    1. That's cool Charles, that keeps the kitchen counters clean for cooking.

  5. Ah, performance enhancing indeed! :) Why can't love and lust be the same entwined thing? Aging may make it all a bit more difficult at times but those of us who are OLDER have not forgotten! :)

    1. Melina that little bit was more about a reference to the latest baseball scandal that just seemed to fit.

      No one aid love and lust can't come from the same dish only the portions change and us old folks want the dishes cleaned up and put away sooner than the kids do.

  6. Ah,as long as we live, we learn to identify all the phases of love, calling it this or that, but always warming in its fire.

    1. Nicely said Rosaria I know lust can create a lot of sweat love is a little easier on this aching old broken up body. As Brian said there are many flavors.

  7. Viagra gives you a boner, unfortunately, old age makes us too tired to use it effectively. lol

    1. Michael...i wasn't going to admit that. Of course at your age you never hear "How come i have to do all the work?" Do you?

  8. All of my children are "lust" children ... so what ... there is a season for everything ... turn, turn. turn ...

    1. Catwoman so we now shall call you Bunny eh? Are they named Front Room, Back Seat and Outside Deck? You know people tend to name their children strangely these days. Prince George Pshaw! What a commoner.

  9. Interesting poem for you, Mark. Hope the inspection comes out clean...

    1. Can't be 100% serious 100% of the time Jeff, I mean i could be but then why would I?

      Naw this was just the normally quarterly Diabetic and organ function test results appointment. I'm cool except for the pain everything else is enviable by even them that are healthy as a growing oak.

  10. Lust yes--and lots of love but thankfully no children to show for it. Too many problems to bring more people into this world. Just keep loving.


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