Saturday, July 6, 2013


What paradise is growing within thee?
Can you when it’s ever so hard to see
find it among the thousand hells
falling with barely a one
that you can recognize before it hits,
creating personal tsunami’s of horror and grief.

The blindness in your eyes is never painless
when you use salt water tears to clear away
 the torture of fears that seem
ever able to terrorize your heart of glass.
The one portion of your being
you should be grateful is so fragile, easy to hurt.

A hardened heart is a hell all its own.
One of many that is self-taught
while other assault you
from somewhere distant unseen, unknown.
If you must tremble through your life
for all that could or is going wrong,
stop for just a moment and think, see the truth of reality.

That which is without can harm you hurt you
sure enough kill you too; temporarily.
But if you can capture and keep,
hold fast to your heart blameless
without fresh made stains
or grains of ongoing enslaving pains
you will see hell may be a place
time and circumstance forced you to be in.

But peace is the forever and always place
the goodness of your gifted living being
allowing you to grow strong ever learning person
as you thrive inside that delicate reality seeing
but unshakable heart that eternally remains within.

© M Durfee


  1. I like the hope in the like verse

  2. You know what, there is only 2 choices we have ... live or die ... simple as that ...

  3. A hardened heart is a hell all its own.
    One of many that is self-taught
    while other assault you ...this rings heavy with truth...and if self taught then you can relearn and i think that peace in the last stanza...we can learn to live in that too...

  4. "hold fast to your heart blameless" - excellent advice, Mark. So often we allow others to determine our fates and our feelings.

  5. Sometimes it's hard to be grateful for fragility, but without that I don't know if I could write.

  6. Delicate and unshakable- cest moi !

  7. I'm loving your philosophy here.

  8. I'm sure as hell holding on to my heart whether it shakes or not!

    And, I dare say, so the heck are you.

    Thank you for the hope, mr poet


  9. Mark, I agree. It's hard to not worry and enjoy the present-but it's worth the effort. xo

  10. Don't you find that hardening of the heart is a consequence of just living and seeing too many things? Somedays I wonder where the naive kid went who used to be me.


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