Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The dawn is breaking gray over
the twenty one thousandth three hundred and fifteenth
day of my life.
This day will be like all others that came before it,
the sun may or may not shine,
the rain may or may not come
I will accept every breath allowed me
without cheer or complaint.
There will be decisions to be made
situations to simply accept.
I will not be grateful
deride any of the moments in it.
I will only live the life I have made for myself
hope that those with less ease find their way to a place of peace
and those with more comfort share some of it
with them who have little.
Tomorrow will be different;
it will be
the twenty one thousandth three hundred and sixteenth
day of my life.
If I wake I will also accept every breath allowed me
without cheer or complaint
move through it when it is then become now.


  1. we can always hope that tomorrow is different but what will change it from all the others that have come before it...live the life i have made for myself...and that is what it comes down to...for better or worse...

  2. That's a lot of days when you count 'em that way.

  3. This is one of my favorites of yours, Mark. I have many. :)

    Yes, there is a sameness to our days...and a fatality about it all...but your wish for others to appreciate what their day holds and maybe make a difference in someone else's day resonates.

  4. ... don't forget to look back over your shoulder from time to time ... smile at happiness gone ... because it was happiness ... nonetheless ...

  5. I like your original take on "same sh** different day", on the other hand you are 2473 days older than me, which doesn't seem like much but is a big difference.

  6. You must be Swiss. No one else could be that neutral!

  7. Seems to me a tramp in the rain and meeting a person even more f*cked up than you can give you a positive attitude about the morrow. :)

  8. Ha!!!! Mr. C....

    Mark, this is so semi-positive that I'm a bit concerned.
    I must say that it's a pleasant surprise.
    There's hope for the World yet!!!

  9. Semi-positive :/) yes. Mark , this is one of my favorites. Acceptance disallows suffering. Life is not easy but you speak of balance and that means some yin with some yang (did I spell that right? Probably not :/)

    Isn't it nice to know one another ?


  10. Why all this self=conscious stuff? You are who you are; you write what you write. Audiences come and go and those who hang around have a soul that speaks to them too and they want nothing more than to know they are not alone.

  11. Another day. Some days I wonder if I have done anything but merely get up and breathe and walk some and move around. I keep going even though my heart is sometimes heavy and my feet more so. Glad that you are moving about too, my friend.

  12. Mark, my mother in law was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Hopefully her last days are special and her passing is sweet! xo


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