Friday, April 3, 2020


Defiance gives them away.
Stupid people rolling up the night.
It ‘s essential to party dusk to dawn
“no work let’s all get high”.

A week ago most felt death knocking.
Today, protest against the orders.
“You can’t tell me to…”
I expect next week to hear the cry

“OH Mama why did you die!”

© M Durfee

A bitter 55 today.  

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55’s are an exercise in concise thought.  Convey through poetry, comment, or (very) short story your thinking. 55 words no less no more. The go to Verse escape and drop your url in the comments.

Be well, stay safe and kick ass!


  1. Same here, though not so much partying, just 'overhyped democrat hoax." People who can't live beyond one paycheck are desperate to keep working and will believe anything. End result, much the same. It all makes me want to reread Poe. (Masque of the Red Death.) This is as concise and clear as it gets, it's oblivious characters as ominous and as heedless as the plague itself. Thanks for waving your pen over this lump of wrong, Mark, and if not making it go away, making us see what we don;t want to see all around us. Have a kickass weekend snugly at home, and lock the doors and windows. ;)

  2. I expect you're exactly right. :( Well said, or writ. Or typed - whatever. Just hope you're safe and well.

  3. Am still healthy. Still working my shifts in the hospital. Wish peeps would "wake up" … before they end up dead … Wish I could just hunker down at home. Be well, eh? Sending along a lil video of my cat Thunderbutt, catnip and supper in order to make you smile, friend Mark:) Love, cat.

    1. I wanted to take the time to thank you Cat for all that you are doing! You are amazing and a true hero to me.

  4. Sadly true, and you have nailed it! So many where I am seem to still be out and about. I have been like a hermit in my PJs for quite a while now working from home.

  5. Oh wow - those first 2 lines just beat the piece - break it open ... and it's so tightly written, so carefully chosen, our eyes can't be shielded to the absurdities of all this .... it leaves one feeling baffled, incredulous and quite breathless for the sheer scope of it. Like trying to dance on a flying carpet.

    Superb 55!

    Be safe and well, I hope.

  6. I am beginning to go crazy with lack of "non-virtual" connection. I never realized how much I depended on just hanging out, but so far I have been good and avoid such contacts. Hopefully we can get beyond this, soon. -Sage

  7. we're idiots, collectively, as you amply illume ~

  8. Why are people still not believing this can kill? The USA death fatalities is so scary - what a rising trajectory.

  9. Hope you are safe and well.

  10. They'll be lucky if it's only mama gone.

  11. Staying at home for a virus classified in a printed medical encyclopedia of 1989 as the common cold? No, we'll die from something else.....


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