Friday, March 27, 2020


Leonard is on, singing Hallelujah in the background. The song is on constant repeat while the hand that would have made it pass is on the floor, dead.  The paramedic surveys the scene and determines the contagion is opioid not Carona. Death is a master with many faces, none of them unique, novel, or new.

© M Durfee
3/27/20 20

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  1. This is perfectly honed, and all too true. One death blinds us to another, one plague supersedes yet coexists with all other plagues...and tho death is a commonplace thing that comes to us all, it still remains terrifyingly unique when it's our own time to look it in the eye. Love the Cohen reference. Thanks for adding your 55 words to the pile, Mark, and have a kickass but safe weekend.

  2. So very true, and certainly a subject much on people's minds these days.

  3. Yes, all the same faces...Death has grabbed the headlines these days

  4. Dead is dead, no matter reason.

  5. Love all the irony. Better than Alanis Morissette any day.

  6. Powerful statement with so few words


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