Wednesday, October 24, 2018


You only believe
what you can see or taste,
touch or crush.
Living taught you that;
how to think everything
not under your feet is disposable.

Treading softly is a disability I am told;
a habit of them fallen from searching
for the power of position.
I am that;
departed from the race for great piles
of whatever them who thunder through life look for.

My strength to carry so much weight
wearied me, tripped me.
I am content in infirmity;
it has been good for my feet.

© M Durfee


  1. Much love, Mark … so glad to see you writing again … Always, cat.

  2. If treading softly is a disability, then not enough people are disabled.
    This is profound, Mark

  3. I want to be clever here but it's evading me.

  4. Wow, walking man ain’t walking? Good as always to read your poetry.

  5. Hope you are well Mark. Being content is a process I am gradually understanding in all situations. I finally started writing again. Learning to make time for the important things in my life. Love your words, as always.


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