Friday, March 16, 2018



Specters in the garden seeking life.
Digging through a past
to find value in this presence.
What worth the walking dying?
What value the past when it is gone
with yesterday’s understanding?
Give them heaven, a void, anyplace,
but this memory of what once was.
They died as they lived;
roaming ghosts in time’s graveyard.

© M Durfee

Once again words are flowing. I assume the beaver’s dam is leaking somewhat waiting repair. Soon comes the spring, with it the chewing and dragging of fresh gnawed tree trunks. *shrug* Anyhow here is a 55 word statement on not being able to live in the now, leaving the past to the past.

I hope you write one, and link yours to Joy at VERSE ESCAPE to peruse the 55 word statements of others.


  1. Of course, the garden simile appeals to me, as it is one of the last bastions of sanity I cling to, yet I see also how roaming aimlessly there is not enough. The past is the past, and yet, perhaps our memory's painting of it is the only consolation we have in a bombed-out now...still, you underline that without understanding, symbol is nothing, especially compared to life. So glad to see you writing again Mark, and good luck with the gnawing and dragging--I can't help feeling that a beaver's diverted stream and private pool may be just the vantage point needed for a cool swim and a bear's dinner.

  2. Good to see the words flowing. Life works a little more smoothly when that happens

  3. I wonder what the reason for life bar proliferation of the species, wonder what exactly the point of that is. That said I enjoy my time here, roaming in time’s graveyard, gathering moss, laying roots here and there as I travel.
    Now ancient, I live for today and hope for a tomorrow – yesterday has no interest for me.
    For those who live in an awful void, where all they have is past memories and today offers no value- I wonder if (for some) they yearn for death, an end to loneliness as time slowly ticks on.
    Anna :o]

  4. Love, meouw, friend Meouw ... c.

    1. Meouwpoppa, me meant to say: I love you, meouwpoppa ... smiles ... Always, cat.

  5. Your words flowed through me, touching deeply, for this mad mind of mine is too accustomed to diving into the past from which nothing but experience should be gained, alas, the calling of the dark side... Since the New Moon rose at 6.10 this morning, I feel it strongly. All my love Mark, may your Saturday be soothing.

  6. Life is certainly best enjoyed (and easier survived) when we live it in real time. The rest is already. And what will come won't, if we are stuck on yesterday.

  7. I just wanna say this to you, friend ... premonitions ... are happening onto you whether you like it or not ... like an eagle or an owl landing on you ... anyway ... Love cat.

  8. I like this poem muchly. We must learn to live in today but memories are always with us.

  9. The past is always there, but I spend my days living the day mostly. Great reflection on life.

  10. isn't that the hardest daily human task? living in the present?

  11. When all is said and done and done; I'm glad to see you writing. . .


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