Friday, January 5, 2018



The biting cold licks my skin,
builds its face in my beard and brows.
I am not repelled by either my nakedness or its embrace.
As the darkness seeks out light to enfold it,
I go to the cold without shackle or chain.
It has taken decades of evolution;
my exterior should match my interior

© M Durfee


I am told “fear death, destruction, ruin, war, greed, and the loss of love.”
I am also told “to not fear anything for every need is filled.”
I fear none of the former, I trust mightily the latter.
Good advice comes along few times in a human life—
my only fear is not hearing it.

© M Durfee

I find myself, as most humans are on occasion with discord between my spirit and my soul. I have given up two 55’s this week to—what? Leave a legacy for them who do not want it or to show I am not one who gives up? To highlight that I am normal?

Whatever, life is as life is and always open to self-interpretation and inspection.

Once again I write these Friday 55’s to remember one of the funniest, most honest, and accepting men I have ever met. G-Man also known by his husband, father, car salesman name Galen Haynes. You may never have met him face to face or ever heard of the Friday 55 before—but you can participate in keeping the absolute rule of succinctness in the written word alive. Participation is not mandatory; but it is mind clearing.

If you do decide to write one this week-end link to VERSE ESCAPE and Joy will show you some love and an ever new way to use G-Man’s favorite term; “kick ass.”


  1. I like the way these twist and turn in the mind's eye like one of those moebius-like mobiles people han on their porch. The world is full of advice, but who bothers to even sort through it, let alone take it? We old relics, I suppose, but even then, we mostly make up our own. I especially like the sharp and strong end-lines in these, but also "...As the darkness seeks out light to enfold it,/ I go to the cold without shackle or chain..." Amen. Thanks for 'giving these up' like desperadoes, and may you have a kickass weekend in the deep freeze up there.

  2. I do not fear the cold nor the darkness, I fear not the warmth nor the light, both have a place in me. I am what I am, I've done what I did, I like who I am (if not who I was) and have now a few valid words of advise I can offer myself *grin* I read this morning..... "I'm going to start listening to my brain, because my heart is clearly stupid". I love yo, my far-away friend, now go have a kissass weekend mmmwah

  3. I believe that we grow into what we need to be--evolution is a great gift, particularly if we dance with it (even when we don't know the steps).

    I, too, find myself wondering if I am missing the universal point. Then I remind myself that as long as I wonder, I will look harder... and the harder I look, the easier it will be not to miss it.

  4. I wonder what good advice I've missed. Probably considerable

  5. I'm trying to believe that I need fear nothing but I need more practice!
    I never knew the G- man and now with your weekly tribute, I wonder what I missed.

  6. Hi Mark. Glad to see you are still writing. The words you write are always genuine and truthful. Its good to be back.

  7. Trying hard to embrace you or my thoughts, meouw poppa ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  8. Mark, you may be 'cold' on the outside but I've never experienced anything but your big, warm hug! xo


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