Friday, November 10, 2017



The Godfather had been hit. All the Capo’s were sitting around his living room talking of the blood revenge target, old ways, and where they could find Luca Brazzi. A package was delivered. A fish wrapped in brown paper and newsprint. “What’s that mean?” Michael asked. “Luca’s fishing, son of a bitch sent us dinner.”

© M Durfee

This 55 word piece of sacrilege is offered for the Friday 55.  We do this to remember an old friend who went fishing a few years back. I wonder how G-Man got his Harley to float? Anyway if you woiuld like to participate then write a complete arc in prose or poetry and link it to Verse Escape so Joy over there can know you need to have a good ass kicking week end.


  1. Brasi was a beast in the Godfather. I know you changed up the name but it made me think of him. The whole part about his child he had with the prostitute. Oy.

    You should have named him Branzini. Ha.

    At least its not a horse's head in bed with you.

  2. Glad me got away from the old ways, meouwpoppa ... mostly ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  3. Well, better eating fish than sleeping with them. :)

  4. Ha! Who knew the guy was so thoughtful? Thanks for giving me a smile today, Mark, and thanks for always remembering who we are playing for. Please finish this off by having a kickass weekend yourself.

  5. Ha.. at least fish makes a feast... I can just think about what it would have been if it had been horse head for dinner.

  6. I like your alternate reality Mark ~ Have a good weekend ~


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