Sunday, November 19, 2017



Doors eh? Portals
to another place you say?
I like them, ‘specially
the backsides of ‘em.
Once passed through I see no point in
going again to the same room.
Had I liked it ‘nuff,
all the literature, portraiture,
and other grand stuff,
I’d a stayed.
Flimsy ones, solid ones,
new, or weathered gray.
Facing the sun or shutting out the moon
(we mostly sleep at night-
some of us but not all, not quite)
a door denotes a room,
a place one can get stuck or trapped in,
a door can be an opening to ruin or a sure sentry
if one has not the wisdom to hold tight the key.

© M Durfee

I generally have not done prompted poetry since I left Miss Brooks class in what seems a long time gone but then I saw this one and decided what the hell why not? I see some blogosphere folks I know who participate at the this Imaginary Garden With Real Toads so i felt --why not? So here is my offering to that and a link back to the prompt and the reasoning behind it.


  1. Great to see you at the Garden, Walking Man! What's that saying -- don't let the door hit you on the keister on the way out! -- there's a delightful sense of Outside from these doors, the whoosh of freedom and the wide openness of what's ahead. A door, here, is simply what's left behind when it hits one in the behind ... great stuff. Hope we'll see you again round the Imaginary Garden.

  2. Thanks for bringing your poem through the door and into the garden. Plenty food for thought here.

  3. Doors represent rooms where we can shut out the world, but if we stay in too long, forget how to find the door back out - it can become a tomb. Some doors are exits, others escapes.

    I would argue some doors are worth going through again. But yeah, most - not so much.

    Have a good sunday brother.

  4. A closed door makes me uncomfortable and I have a burning desire to close them, wherever I am.
    I guess this might hark back to childhood when my parents urged closed doors to keep the fragile warmth in...
    But I agree that doors are often a welcome escape.
    Anna :o]

  5. Sorry, first sentence should read "An open door..."

  6. How the heck is Michelle? Do you ever hear from her? We used to see her on the blog all those ages ago

  7. Indeed I think were on the same line of thinking... doors can be comforting to close, but we have to find new rooms every now and then.

  8. Love this especially; "a door can be an opening to ruin or a sure sentry if one has not the wisdom to hold tight the key."

  9. Some doors are tragic to close, like the death of a parent. I keep opening mine to take peeks. some doors are truly not worth opening again, but not all of them. some of them I can open again and again with much joy.

  10. I'm opening and closing many doors every day and every night for my peeps ... sometimes doors are there for safety and sanity, and sometimes doors are there for regaining freedom ... the key is to know, when to use the key or when to throw it away, meouwpoppa ... I have oodles of keys that I will never use again ... you? ... Anyway, love u, cat.

  11. Doors are so many things to each of us. There are doors I have been elated I opened, and doors so dark with hell I am spending a lifetime healing and dealing with.

  12. Excellent poem in response to "the door" ~ I dig!

  13. Mind the Door sounds like something my grandmother used to say... Nice poem, Walking Dude!

  14. You disappear into a portal yourself *grin*
    And then there's: not every door is ours to open, not every door that's open will welcome you, some door are not mine to find, and some door open to wonder and magic... Happy Sunday Mark

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