Friday, October 13, 2017



A once in a lifetime event
a wonder of the solar system in action.
Looking in awe to an eclipse
while sitting on a dying planet,
I found it another blinding moment.
Thousands of cars making a trip
for a three minute thrill.
If man only had the same conscript
to stop the planetary kill.

© M Durfee

This 55 is about the most pressing problem for humanity, and the one most easily ignored. The US Department of Defense has named Global Warming as the #1 area of concern to US national security. I personally think it’s the #1 concern for human security. Too few listen though.

 Joy at VERSE ESCAPE has been kicking ass weekly to continue on the tradition started by Mr. Galen Haynes otherwise known as G-Man, a kick ass guy himself now gone on to greater things.

There is no script for 55’s other than whatever you write it has to adhere to the 55 word count. I only count the body of the text, others may count titles, tittles and jots but all are welcome if you do write one link it to Verse Escape (her blog address is


  1. You point out a huge irony here--the wonder of an eclipse, the thoughtless waste and poison to view it, to do everything, all our little ant-like business--and then there's the sock-puppet VP jetting merrily from inland to coast for a ten minute staged outrage attack--wonder how much CO2 that released, along with all the pundits' hot air? I especially like your title, which strikes to the heart of the problem--we know, we fear, and yet we do not change, or not enough of us do...thanks for keeping the Friday fires burning, Mark, and have a kickass weekend.

  2. as they say in the Matrix, humans are a disease, a plague on this planet

  3. Humankind is apt at proclaiming awe and reverence, visibly siding with the accepted causes, but ignore the things that really matter, and the things right at hand that could make a change... But that'd involve commitment, standing up for what you believe, and that is no longer allowed or preferred, is it?!

  4. Just recently a report came out which predicted 50 degree highs (122F) for Sydney in summers as close as the mid century.
    And still we debate the reality of climate change.
    My children have never lived in a year of average temperatures.
    It shocks and horrifies me

  5. Planet killer perhaps. Human killer for sure.Profound observation and one which is ignored daily by the masses, sadly.

  6. The final lines say it all, don't they? The present population of our planet is so focused on looking down, self-absorbed in their own naval fluff, that the bigger picture has been lost altogether.

  7. Your closing leaves reality nodding. Man is a strange creature, it spends time and wealth and energy and itself in prettying things up and taking pretty pictures of his work, while what keeps him going rots. Makes no sense.

  8. Looking in awe to an eclipse
    while sitting on a dying planet...Wow! We search the sky for wonders, but kill the ground we stand on. Such tragic irony.

  9. Too many blind to what can't be seen with their own two eyes.

  10. I know our planet is doomed too die, but still here I am growing my vegetables, pulling calves in -30C ... and shooting my moose every autumn in order to have food for my family cum winter ... meouw ... meouwpoppa ... Love, cat.


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