Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glen Frey has moved on. But I will always remember how he helped me.

Good bye Glen, thank you for The Walking Man theme song. In all my travels this song carried me through.



  1. I always identified with that song and had several women in my past suggest it was my theme song.

  2. First Bowie, then Angelil, now Frey ... ya ... I know how U feel, Meowpapa ... but there is lot's of fighters left ... including Us ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  3. Mark, you are still out mending fences. Love u, J xo

  4. All of my adult life I have known death, friends, associates acquaintances; some were murdered, injured at play and succumbed, others got sick and couldn't live.

    I have known death and as I age I face it a bit more, seeing it in strangers, but not them unknown to me, who really are my age or a few years older. It doesn't matter so much to anyone but the families and loved ones left alive--for me I will ride the fences long after I am not here anymore, I doubt I will venture to near to the crowd still. I believe I have acquired the Timothy Leary attitude of let it fly, let's find out what of anything is out there and trip our way through it.

    Be Well my friends and always love.

  5. It's a girl, my Lord, in a HOT ass Ford...xo


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