Wednesday, December 2, 2015


In a green glen where the rainbows end kissed the flowers growing uncut there I dream a bit of a place, with porch and rockers that I may sit with tea or home stilled whiskey comfortably talking  with the creator for the first few eons or later after I am done living this life in this muddy rutted space.

To look at the pure white night of lights cast by stars that reach so unendingly far changing the wildflowers hue from their daytime luminescence to the nighttime subtle glow. We’d sip our brew, with a satisfied lip smack as punctuation for the long, long overdue conversation.

As the light rises to bring a new dawn timeless formless with an easy mist rising to give sip to each growing thing before the porch where pauses are peaceful and the only noise is the rocking of the chairs as a humans lifetime worth of cares runs off and away from the dawning of the day.

Words not need be spoken for in the first moment all is healed no more heart broken only that scent and odor of never before known wildflowers prepared to take me to an oft longed for place where all is beauty, all is grace. I know that this is of what I dream, this is the lot as far as eye can see of glen and glade, flower filled that patience, love, and trust has worked so long to build.

© M Durfee


  1. This cat sit on that porch with you ... anytime, meowpapa ... smiles ...

  2. That last stanza is so peaceful and beautiful with unspoken words and garden with flowers filled with love and trust ~ I dream of this place, someday too Mark ~ Have a good week ~

  3. Reading this makes me relax and take a deep breath.

  4. Peaceful poetical prose Mark.

  5. What a dream. What a heaven you dwell in. Mind if I look you up? for a "long, long overdue conversation"? Luv ya Mark.

  6. I've been all over the world, as you know. I've been in slums and I've been in five star hotels. All that beauty and grace? It's an illusion. Those lush green grounds are full of mosquitoes. There are always cracks in the walls of even the best places. Those slums are full of surprising kindnesses. It's not the external that makes the difference.

    1. Oh Alice please do not try to ruin the heaven, the beginning of an afterlife I am building for myself. This is all about dreams and visions Alice, not an earthbound reality. I used the only tool i have to communicate my only hope. words. trust me i know of cracked walls slums places of material wealth kindnesses and hatefulness. My dream has no room between a conversation with the creator and I for such things.

  7. A sweet dream, indeed. "Sometime you feel like a Sufi -- sometime you don't." (Mystical jingle overtakes candy bar in the eternal Garden)

  8. That sounds like a place I'd like to be...thank you, my friend, for my beautiful birthday wishes. Your friendship is indeed the greatest of gifts.

  9. "an easy mist rising to give sip" Fantastic, Mark!
    "where pauses are peaceful" Not pregnant. I like those spaces.


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