Saturday, November 28, 2015


There’s nothing to cry about
when you realize the new reality,
worldwide is more like something
you’re going to die about.

Most everyone would love to live to an old age
with years of bouncing grands on the knee
but the truth is so many things happen
that kill them that would love to live to an old age.

Little that happens in this world comes without human cost.
Greed, grandstanding, gangs, guns, race violence,
trampling the needs of them who have no tools,
are but a few of the things in this world, human life is the cost.

I don’t believe in seasons of joy and peace,
people don’t in their underbelly change,
release their bred in hates and rivalries to commit to change,
to get on some old stories and fantasy of amity dream myth list.
Fuck me hard as we argue over simple stupid words,
happy holidays or merry christmas.
Beginning with a black Friday of greed
fucking up any pretense at a season of joy and peace.

© M Durfee

I wish I was a part of the herd during this season of fake amity and cheer. Them that have no regard for mankind last month will have no regard for the same next month. Some will feel pressure to put on the show, I for one will remain the constant, the North Star that never changes position, a place I adopted so far ago that I do not remember its inception. I do not feel any closer to my faith during Ramadan, Christmas, or Chanukah. None of it softens this old stony heart. Never has been a season of anything more to me than to put up with the bullshit weather, cold, and fakery trumped up from radio station playlists. To me this is all the season of hypocrisy. If I want to give my kids, grandkids, friends a gift I sure as hell do not need the trappings of supposed HOLY DAYS to spur me towards those actions.

In short the only good I see is that in my home state the sale of alcohol is banned on December 25th, not that it keeps more drunks off the road, but it does force them who do not celebrate Christmas to close. A certain quiet descends on the slum, until the next day’s reports come out detailing a few of the more egregious family on family killings. Nope keep it all away from me. If you wish me well you do so 365 days a year and the same with evil. I am not opposed to anyone doing as they will. I am not the ruler of any life or words but my own. I choose to not be involved in any way. I may be insane in my feelings, but then, I also may carry the faith of a Child of the One who created all within me. Do good all the time, not just when some retail outlet rings the damned bell.




  1. Ah yes, mark. Nothing said here to take issue with, the way things are now. When I was a kid the holidays meant my Mother would bake more and our relatives would come for Saturday nights and Christmas dinner. I would have a stocking filled with doodads from the 5 & 10. The feeling for me was un-commonplace.

    I still do this for myself. I bake, I offer dinners, I choose books for the kids and decorate my house outside for the neighbors. I only do this because I want to. I get more efficient calling friends I've overlooked. I do any part of this from s place inside me, for myself. The commercial-religious part counts for little to nothing

    Anyway, this will be a different holiday because JB is sick and our energy is elsewhere. This year my memories and effort may be seen in the flame of one balsam candle.

    As always, I honor your integrity. You are a good man, mark


  2. A certain quiet descends. I reckon that's about the best we can hope for.

  3. I agree that once a year "joy" is fake, but hopefully some have joy and work for the goodwill of all 365 days a year...

  4. I've never believed how one or two days a year made up for the other 363.
    Driven by guilt and/or fear the lines outside the confessional are still shorter than the lines outside Target, etc. I haven't subscribed to either in many years.

  5. We don't have so many ho ho hos around here, but i do enjoy my yule log. I'll keep the fire in my own hearth and not bother you with yours. You already know I wish you well 365.

  6. I believe in doing small acts of kindness all the time, not just this season ~ I get you on the season of hypocrisy and being fake ~ Most of us will not totally change, but we can share a few kind words and actions to others ~ For me its better, than being mean the whole year ~ I admire your honesty Mark ~

  7. Mark, I took away all my stress a long time ago regarding the holidays. I love to eat and drink wine with friends and family. Gifts? I'd rather donate. xo


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