Sunday, September 6, 2015


Wherein does freedom lie? Words on lips or actions taken to convince? Is “to be free” a mandate to kill all who disagree or a desire built over generations of hegemony? Can a man be free if his partner man or woman is still fighting to live equally? What form shall freedom take, what is the definition of freedom that millennium of men did make? Are we living in an age where freedom is lost, even though women and men continue to pay a dear cost of life for something slipping away in our world of strife? Where is this freedom we speak so easily of as if it was a holy word?

So many nightmares daytime brings now we must wake to them or stay abed dreaming of angel wings that never fly. Too much trouble to be seen we try to divert ourselves away with cartoons of reality caricatures on TV screens. I wake to find another dead kid, more islands missing taking an ocean rising hit, people wandrin aimlessly trying to escape the darkness the sunlight brings. We sway and woe and hope and pray and wonder what happened to man in other days while there’s always someone to say it is just a cycle and if we pedal hard enough the change we seek will appear along the way, will it? We saw the rise and feel the fall of our lack we have no answers as once we did when we carried them on the strength of our back. Hands, whether at work or play once chased the growing night terrors away but now they are ever present during the waking day.

I have no great confessions to make,
no foul abuses or stupid mistakes
to write about or badass me stories to tell.
I can’t speak of all the asses pinched,
tales of the many women I’ve been in,
the whiskey downed, bodies in my trunk
ya know deeds done when I was drunk.

Not that I have never done such as that
for sure I know I ain’t no saint.
I remember I have had my share of knuckles
connected conveniently to wither someone else’ face.
Honestly my face ain’t as pretty as it once was either.
I could though lie and say it was age
that calmed me down from an internal rage
but truth be told pleasure found in bar fighting
fucking for fun and sport left me quite awhile ago.

Man goddamn this stage of cutting people slack
instead of slicing them deep was not supposed
to come upon me at this too early too young
to give up youthful fun age.
It’s only been sixty some years.
Now I am expected to carry myself with casual comport,
to give my grandkids some of idea
of self-won wisdoms comfort?
Who the fuck is going to teach
them to properly swear and fight
when to say goddamn, shit, or fuck
who the hell will tell ‘em
how to sneak out at night?

Grandpa needs to have some rights!

I dreamed the other day,
that the moon started
throwing shit back at us!
Gateway to the universe
It seems to have enough
of watching all the garbage
we throw orbiting the planet
as we try to make a spectacular
ring to mimic Saturn. Then she
looks to our briny surface and
sees all the state sized scum
we have floating on it.
ENOUGH her orbital lobe say!
So the mother of the sky decided
to start throwing crap back at us,
shit for shit, bit for bit.
I personally, when I came out of the trance,
thought, we have not a chance,
not only does the moon have more ammo
we aren’t killing it with all our warming body odor.

© M Durfee


  1. Freedom is a myth. The few will dictate how the vast majority will live ... or die.

    I shall be attending a memorial at Wickenby Airfield today to remember the 1200 young men who forfeited their lives serving in the Royal Air Force in the 1940s. They were ordered to face death day by day for over five long years. They were not FREE to choose otherwise. Many were willing to go to war, to fight, but none were willing to die. Their only true freedom was death.

    Now we have thousands of men, women and children fleeing war torn Syria, seeking freedom in Europe. None shall find it as it does not exist. They WILL find a safer life but they will be bound by the rules, regulations and law of their new abode. Freer but not free.

  2. We relinquished freedom the day we were conned into believing we needed a government to help us to live....

  3. the darkness that sunlight brings. Yes. And Lana wonders why I like to sleep so much.

  4. I'm not sure what freedom even means. It seems to me that there will always, in any situation, be some kind of boundaries neccessary in life so our only way of gaining freedom is through our own attitude?

  5. Hahaha. Grampa needs to have rights. I guess you can teach them to do what they need to do - perhaps with a little more wisdom than we did. That is what I hope. If they dont have to fight, great, but if they do -- let them be prepared, you know.

    Freedom is giving up what we have for something greater.
    In my opinion.

  6. The dreams of one who feels too intently--lots of heavy stuff here, Walking Man.

  7. Looks like you have a lot of things yet to say to your grandchildren ~

    And I like the ending part of the moon ~ Throw us some shit moon as we need to be taught a lesson ~

    Have a good week Mark ~

  8. it will be YOU who teaches them, mark. there is no doubt.

    i keep wondering: is it really this bad? is our dna wiring so callous, or is it the time and it will pass to a better age and time?

    i hope i will not give up on civility and abundance. i'm sunk if i do…

    love always
    your pal

  9. Freedom is an illusion that we hold up to ourselves - an ideal that can't be achieved.

    I still vividly remember being forced to hold my hand over my heart and sing about the land of the free even after being told I was actually already living in it.


    Freedom is not in having no taxes to pay or being able to speak or say anything you want without regard for the consequences or being able to travel untrammeled or NOT having your "rights" taken away. Freedom is not an illusion or a contrarian course with all that tries to ever shrink your space.

    Freedom, true freedom is your being, the way you adapt to life which has always been fluid and changing freedom is knowing that I could have everything I honestly cherish taken away from me, including my life and I will miss none of it more than the beauty of people too jaded to understand that you are free even as bullets fly around you and a small group of people are ever trying to mold you into something you do not want to be,

    Freedom is a tiny bird with giants wings, I say the day to unfold those wings comes with the courage to live without being thought of as restrained--minus the RE from that word--then minus that word from your thoughts and you are free and flying.

  11. it may indeed be untitled, but it sure as hell ain't useless. Gutty and powerful.


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