Monday, September 14, 2015



In the deepness of the dark shadows
where pretending what isn’t is.
It has become normal for the businesses
who depend to rely on the pretense
that nothing ever ends but the easily replaced dreams
of the customer base buying into the darkest schemes;
a trip to the awesome outer upper space of great wealth,
won on a before supper lottery purchase win,
that buys everything from mansions
to health in the cosmos of the Olympian gods.

What a letdown to man,
when the dawn of day lights up
and shows the truth of the place
is not found in more wealth, health or time to play.
Reality scored in how much owed soon come due
to the merchants of “fooled you with a head fake”
I understand that game after being blind for so long
I learned me a way to find my sight,
to see in the darkest day lit night the differences
between swamps and peoples public parks
where the fun one in the other is just different dumps.

And then all those fucking
I had to pay along the way
was me spending my rainy day wealth
now evaporated in the heat of
want it days.
I question was I a man or a loon trying
to flap my wings and or dance to a fools tune?

Dance the damned dance who knows
you may get your chance to step on a bunch of toes
to attain a liars pile where dragons always hide

Imagine this!
Could the best of you and me
be found in the bright
glorious gem of gems,
bigger than your heart,
if such thing exists,
go ahead MY LOVE
try and try,
continue to persist
that your value
your true worth.
is something less
than what is balanced
on a single fact:
that your
is solely
in the
keenness of
your beautiful

© M Durfee


  1. I definitely paid some bills that I wish I had the money back now. Wasted, wasted, wasted

  2. Such a lovely tribute to your true love!

    1. Ahhh but Rosaria I wrote this to you and all who read it. You are my true loves.

  3. Replies
    1. Wishing every day was full of nice sunsets and trade winds here would make for the misuse of a wish Cloudia---better to wish for the heart than the 'hood.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Meowmomma why you delete? i saw your posts, both of them and loved them. Yes the Roma have always been a persecuted people but you have found your way in the world of light.

  5. Looking back now, I had paid some stuff that I regretted and wished I was more prudent ~ It would be good to find and have that gracious and loving heart ~

    1. Grace unless you write purely intellectual works I doubt you have any need worry about the care and love within you. As i wrote Charles the only thing that is a waste is regrets for shit that can not be changed--prudent, aww hell no that means overly cautious. why would anyone want that better to fall off the tightrope than be to fear filled to at least try a foot on it.

  6. I liked the shape as well as the content of this poem. And the way you strung out the early verses and then got leaner and cleaner as you got to the heart of the thing. Nicely done!!

    1. H. you know I have to get my politics and shit out of the way so I can actually make my point. In the end if man is to be judged it will not be on what or who or which God he believed in it will be how Love was used. Not my definition of love for you but your own.

  7. The world at large teaches us that happiness is found in the outer world, bought with a credit card and extravagant displays.
    ...whereas nothing is further from the truth. Switch off. Go outdoors. Listen. Feel. And that is how you find your truth, your value, your peace...

    1. Ya know shadow i tried that whole consumer thing for a long time--then one day i saw a 5 figure debt over my mortgage---hahahaha I killed that shit as fast as i could and now we live on a cash basis---Switching off is so much easier with nor fear, no pollution of mind or thought. Woman I live in a very ugly place but i am at peace (as well as always armed) with all of my life, both the good of it and the ignorance.

  8. the world teaches us that wealth is found in stuff and worth is what we wear how we's all artificial. as often our love can be too. we have diluted it in many ways . there are other ways though.

    1. X you know what i find odd about your comment is your spin on love. When I write of my love to you and for you I am not being exclusive or saying a diluted portion. Love is as love knows itself to be and when I use the word i use it in my unadulterated and perhaps simple minded understanding of the meaning of the word,

      As to the rest we are all suckered in to consume more than what we need, that is our economy and in part how we stabilize the rest of the world--but you have to lay the card or cash on the counter. I simply say I did my part for over 49 years and am done.

  9. " . . .now evaporated in the heat of
    want it days . . ." I love it ~ cool beans, Walking Man ~!>

    1. Erik you always seem to get the salient points. Thanks brother.

  10. Dance on and on, to the end of love. Those bills of yesteryear are best forgotten as none will be repaid. Stay in good heart Mark, my friend.

    1. Thanks Philip, I am thus far up to date on all i owe any human, the corporate gods can suck wind, but not from my sails. You too my friend stay in good heart until the end of days.

  11. That culture of materialism that marks our "mainstream" can be seductive.

    I was sitting in the emergency room of the hospital over the weekend. They had the TV tuned to some program about real estate shopping in Florida. We are not talking "expose" here. My dh and I were both mildly horrified by the attitudes portrayed not only by the show itself but by the normal advertising around it. Neither of us has bothered with television on a number of years. Just as we are giving one another The Look, a guy across the room starts talking about the program. He's actually interested in things like how much the condos cost and what amenities they come with. *shaking head sadly* Does it make a difference that he had a thick Russian accent?


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