Sunday, March 1, 2015



Face down on the ground
I wait with the many thoughts of little to no value
that always rise and course through my veins
with all that other stuff rushing through there
with the nicotine and skin care cream.

It’s not that I particularly mind being a welcome mat
but really do you need to wipe your boots on me
thinking you’re going to somehow or another
be a keeping the house behind me clean?
Scrape the bottoms off before you get to the door.

I don’t mind the being walked on, it’s almost like a massage
I’d like it better if I turned round and was face up from the ground
maybe if you were, lovelier of heart and lighter, much lighter.
So many are there that carry so much excess baggage of remorse
who show up overloaded when they come knocking on heaven’s door.

© M Durfee


  1. Yeah, maybe getting walked on ain't so bad. It sure takes a lot of energy to fight it. I might be better off putting that energy elsewhere.

    1. Charles it depends on whose doing the walking and why you're letting them walk on you. I used to love the fight, the flipping them off my back. I was more cagey back then though. You more than most have an awful lot on your plate at any given time--maybe scape about a third off and call the remaining two thirds IMPORTANT. Because *shrug* by my estimation in most peoples lives about 2/3rds of what they do is actually important to their sanity and the growth of people around them.

  2. I remember a girl at church camp when in high school walking on us guys... she was light and cute and sadly, was killed in a car accident later that year. of course, that memory has nothing to do with your poem...

    1. IN many ways she is exactly the point of the poem Jeff, my guess if she was young she was as light as a feather when she arrived and a pleasure to introduce to the end of one path and the beginning of another. The young take a lot of time to grow old enough to carry a lot of weight, most of them anyway.

  3. being the doormat of heaven would not be much fun...taking on the dirt...and beaing the weight of all their baggage....being anyones doormat is no fun

    1. Brian being the doormat at heavens door would have distinct advantages, you'd be first to know who came a calling, the first to great them, and a little walking on never hurt anyone as long as it was voluntary.

  4. I like the metaphor of the welcome doormat ~ If I like my guests, I wouldn't mind a little trampling but if they are heavyweights & uncaring, I mind a lot being walked on all over the place ~


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