Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I try to see it your way
yet the way you see things
is a stunningly blinding experience
with all the tears we’ve shed
creating rivers washing away
rational thoughts from our heads.

We mourn for a better past than a present
that is easy to resent
for we feel no control over much of anything
including our own soul.

Sure we can take the tour
and see snow domed mountains,
seas so deep no one is certain of the secrets
the depths their sulfur fountains
have kept for so long now;
but everywhere we go—

we yet look through each other’s eyes,
to see there are still the same reasons we cry.
tourists tread among the dead of sacred lands,
thinking holy are the footsteps left on cultures diminished—

but now finished by an unending modernization plan
now over a century old since it began.
A good trip, a wonderful plan would be
to just, to stand still with you
holding my hand in the comfortable old ways,
like we did in the old gone days.

When we shared a set of younger eyes
focused on the prize of fearless freedom,
now forgotten trying to learn we, the foolish ones,
the sum spent simply trying to live until the day we die.

© M Durfee

No matter who says what, you should accept it with a smile and do your own work.
- Mother Teresa


  1. "A good trip, a wonderful plan would be
    to just, to stand still with you
    holding my hand in the comfortable old ways"

    Pure romance!

    1. Yeah Kylie I was thinking of deleting that part but it sort of flowed right into the entirety of what I was trying to say. Bwahahahaha I have no romantic bone left unbroken in this body of mine.

  2. we can lose much in modernization,
    not that history was much better, but there are
    lessons to learn from it that the next app
    wont cure....i would not mind a trip around to see
    the world honestly...there is still much of it
    to explore...and might as well enjoy it while i am

    1. The "complaint" Brian is mostly that we have sped up so much that we forgot to leave room for them who are not as fast as us. It used to take 1 man per acre to make a farm go, now it takes about 1 man per 1000 acres depending on whether the crop MUST be harvested by hand, the crop being the more important than the hands that collect it.

      I hope one day you at least see all of North America if not the world. But remember you are not stuck in the same place unless that is how you feel. Stuck. I can move, yet I do not feel stuck here only impotent to change "here."

  3. I would rather sit and stand still with you....to forget those sacred past will make us repeat the foolishness until we die ~ This resonates strongly with me Mark ~

    1. The title rocks: The first modern machine immediately put a thousand people lost their jobs -

    2. Yay Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Grace we have mostly now forgotten the past, the information that used to be passed down from other to daughter father to son. We have come to rely to much to live with technology as our minds. I do not like it, often wondering if maybe we are replacing ourselves with a smartphone or, pad or keyboard even.

  4. To stand still with you...
    Ah, love that thought.

    1. In time I have learned I have no needs as long as I am still Rosaria.

  5. Wow, "Trying to live until the day we die..." You have a way with words, Walking Man

    1. Living, really living as opposed to hiding and existing is harder than dying Jeff.

  6. Mark, There are days when I think living is much harder that dying. xo


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