Sunday, December 14, 2014



I walk in a field of pure white
to a dark horizon,
where no notice of sky can be seen.
I leave behind prints of the passage taken
and know no more other than the last step gone
and the next one to come.
My mind at times try’s childlike
to race ahead but once I arrive to that point
it is never as I thought it to be.
The purity of the expanse is reliant only upon me,
my step, my knowledge gained from the good and pain.
I am simple,
merely mortal in this place where it would seem
all that race around me fear the white or the dark,
thinking of little else but the point where the two meet.
I will to spend my steps contemplating the moment,
not a place where tomorrow never comes
and the troubles and good
is ever promised but never quite done.

© M Durfee


  1. The moment now is precious, even though it may not be as good as we imagined it to be ~ I think man will never be content though ~

  2. I've been on hikes that felt like this.

    States prison?

  3. I'd like to think of my mind as childlike, but then it would only mean I was contributing to the corruption of a minor.

  4. Hm.
    Getting a lot of Smithonian footage on my old TV.

    Temple of Antiochus (Turkey?) statues facing both east and west. 'The point where the two meet?' as you say?

    For us, could it be Janus, the two headed god of January.

    Certainly some sort of portent as Ontario's Attorney-General has me by the balls in a near bakruptsy case.

    Janus. I am hoping for change! lol.


  5. Be nice if we could do it all over again -- with minor changes.

  6. ... ah, cum on ... let's sit on our favourite bench and talk bout this, ya? Love, cat.

    1. Mark ... me still waiting patiently here on dat bench ... where r u?

  7. ,,,nope, good just doesn't seem to come.

  8. if we can live step by step...seeing only the next and the last, its not so bad a thing now is it? what can we control but ourselves and our journey...perhaps someone will find the footsteps along the way...

  9. this one is so appropriate for the rush and bustle of this time of year.... so much striving with so little mindfulness within it.... nice capture.

  10. Nice. I long for those moments when my mind is so open and free from worry that I can be child-like.

  11. I will to spend my steps contemplating the moment

    I love this, Mark.

  12. Mark, I find myself wishing time away and then being astonished at how quickly the time flys. xo


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