Saturday, December 20, 2014



Little girl, little girl two
how the love you taught to me
was a gift given from you,
ever passed along to others
for their knowledge of loving livin’.

I know now these decades later
those moments you had given,
how my innocence you protected
in the large hearts held close
in such budding beautiful spirits;
my life started on the day you first touched my soul,
sat upon my knee hearing for the hundredth time
“Eye a’ready toes ya I knees to get to nose ya.”

I never asked before who did more,
I was never able to shield you
from those early shores, pain and distress;
but never once, not ever once ,over times passing
did we forget that between our separate paths crossing
that there was always love bridging
across the space that separated too often us.

My darlin’ friend, one half of my dearest bookends
though you have gone through that dreadful door
we both know it not is the end but a new beginning
when the younger becomes the older. And none
will ever forget that “I will stand up to all
and never stop my shining happy  grinning”

You, the song bird in my life through long years gone,
now looking back with each mem’ry fondly doted upon.
The bird may be gone from my sight, gone from my life
but the song remains among my hearts truth, my ears delight.
Fly now my love, my heart’s daughter, my friend.

I will miss your smilin’ face yet where you are now
your light is just begun to burn with a new life
growing brighter and brighter still.
Soon that new light will overcome the memory of our pain.
Show me now again how to live anew.
Your star bright, my memory filled of the love that is you,
Your newest light freely illuminating for all them a way, who fear the night.

© M Durfee

Today a woman I have known since she was 4 years old is being laid to rest. This is for you Michelle, I am content in our 45 years of friendship and love. Shine on. Your sister and I will maintain our friendship and love.


  1. What a beautiful collection of words for such a dear friend... my most heartfelt condolences.

    1. Thank you Shadow, you would have liked her--she was a tough one.

  2. Very sorry Mark. A sad time for you. Harder for the living at times of loss...

    1. Aye Philip, now it has been 4 people gone in 10 days. It's enough, the reaper has collected his year end fare. And i will live on comfortably unafraid until he wants my ticket.

  3. I don't suppose we can ever shield another from life. Beautiful words.

    1. I tried Charles, but you are absolutely correct. As much as we'd like to make every catch there is always going to be some that are out of reach.

  4. Replies
    1. Your thoughts and prayer is gratefully accepted, thank you Heidi.

  5. I'm so sorry. It sounds as if you are doing okay though, for that I'm glad.

    1. Thank you, you're correct I am doing OK, though I sometimes wonder why I have outlived so many people i really should not have i am not going to wonder too long over how or why.

  6. Wonderful tribute for Michelle ... come here for hugs, Mark ... Love, cat

    1. Thanks Meowmomma, i am OK now. I have processed her moving on and am comfortable with her in her new life.

  7. Mark, I am so sorry. Your words are so very sweet. xo

    1. Jodi, Jim thinks it's just about that time, what say you?

  8. My condolences in the loss of your dear friend.

    1. Jean, dear she was to me, but I am also proud of her for from nothing she built a life to be proud of full of family and a good husband.

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you sir, I am alright now that the edge of the news has worn down a bit.

  10. i am sorry for your seems rather thick this time of year...
    a fitting tribute to them...

    i hope that you have a nice holiday mark...
    and know that what you give throughout the year
    is much appreciated....

    1. Brian, it has been one of those unexpected years, one where more wrong then right has come along. Holidays *shrug* the wife has worked a full shift on everyone of them for the past 10 years, so we just skip them for ourselves. But thank you for that last line1

  11. Sad to hear of her death. But what a beautiful tribute to her and to your friendship. Wishing you joy and peace, Mark, in some form everyday.

    1. Thank you Syd, if wishes ever come true that one would be a good one to happen.

  12. Thank you everyone, I first met Michelle and her sister Diane when I was 15. At the wake Diane told me I had become a father figure to them. It made the loss a little harder to take, but on reflection I realized all i did was pay attention to them, read to them, let them tug my beard and not yell about it. As they grew so did i as they were starting their adult lives I was well into mine but we never lost touch for too long of a time, but there times i could not protect them from the evil in the world. That saddens me still. Michelle died of cancer, she did her best for as long as she could and now she sleeps in the house of her ancestors. Never forgetting equals never forgotten.

  13. Mark, just re read this! I have a long month coming up with plenty of time to hook up with you two. Call me! xo


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