Friday, October 17, 2014


Another one killed yesterday in the 9th, there have been so many kids this year I have lost count

Another whiny ass cop who works (supposedly in the 9th precinct)

I live in the 9th precinct, I commonly refer to it as the lawless lands. This is the same area that has killed at least three children this year, beat Steve Utash nearly to death for trying to help a kid who was playing car tag and lost, and a 5 hour to never police response time is the norm unless the situation is big enough for the chief to get his face on TV. The little girl who's name never gets a mention in the story and who will be forgotten next week, was big enough.

I used to make excuses, but then the whiny ass cop let the truth out, the 9th precinct in Detroit is historically the Detroit Police Department shit can. It is where they send all them they want to quit or never get promoted and in return we who live here get police indifference. Do whatever the fuck you want just don't expect a cop while you're being fucked up.

People around me wonder why I stay here, I can leave, but this is my home, this is where the majority of my life's diary has been written and the last 25 years of it here in #9.

Detroit for 30 -40 years has had a bit of an arson problem, you expect that sort of thing with 80,000 derelict and abandoned homes and business'. Every year they call for volunteers to keep an eye out, to watch for suspicious activity the days surrounding Halloween. This stems from 1974 when there were 300 odd fires in one night. It became such a tourist industry people would visit Detroit and insist on high floor rooms in downtown facing the city so they could watch the city light up. Personally I don't think burning abandoned vacant buildings is so bad, except they usually have an inhabited building right between them.

Volunteer? My ass, not when the cops won't do their job.

So the bankruptcy is winding down, the biggest losers are 23,000 retired city employees who had a total of $7.3 billion of the city's debt hung on them. Losing medical care in exchange for for a HSA and anywhere from 10-20% of pension money. The biggest winners are the Wall Street companies that have been given downtown land in Disney by the River and city income streams, in the form of parking lots and structures and tolls from the tunnel to Canada. They will have made up any losses which are at most 20% of what was hung on retirees.

I have no problem writing my rebuttals to this bullshit in the comments section. Of course neither daily would offer me a job.

Well you know what we say: "Fuck 'em, that's life in Detroit."

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  1. Saw a video down here the other day of a guy just walking along the street late at night in the French Quarter, accosted by four men who just beat the crap out of him and spent a long time going through his pockets for things. Other folks watching, some smirking. It was horrific. Made me quite ill

  2. That might make you tube here but never the news. That stuff is so 1980's Detroit. Hell now if someone comes across a body they go for the pockets first then grab the cell phone and use it for 2-3 days while the police try to get started.

  3. ... remember the little girl well ... cuz that was me ... still don't use words like "shit" and fuck" ... maybe cuz I am dead?

  4. the new craze down here is bomb threats...we were the third school in the area to be evacuated...and drugs...always been there but we have had more violations this year than anything...luckily not too many kid murders/deaths...that would just about do me in...

  5. I fully understand your reluctance to leave. Home is home, after all, and within there is always that tiny spark of hope that things will change for the better. Outlive them if you can't beat them...


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