Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hey you there stuck in the river Yur In,
fighting one current
while another drags you in directions unknown,
there’s a the dugout can you dig it
but without the paddle
can you even fight undertows rushing from the heart
while others come raging from the mind to different destinations?

Unknowing about tides and how battles of morality turn,
your only chart of the Yur In
for finding information comes from the surface detritus
that really is someone else garbage
that was dropped off the bank further upstream
or thrown off in a dilemma of ill resolved contention
causing two viral currents to take your boat without the paddle
in whichever direction Yur In flows the strongest at the moment.

It is easy to talk about loving your neighbor
until they flood your mind with useless shit.
I worry where few others do,
because I lost my own rudder in the swift currents
after being thrown overboard accused as a Jonah into the Yur In.
Now with no compass left me for direction,
Life vest smelly and disintegrating
I’m caught between the vortex that keeps spitting my ketch out
and the tide of opinion pushing me back,
always spinning the bark I built while afloat
back from horizons that don’t tell me
if I’m looking at the dawn or dark until it’s too late.

The days are for work impossible without an oar
the nights are supposedly to tie up, make camp and rest
while running a comb for crabs over the beach;
but these damned raging opposing currents never allow for either.
If societies on both banks of the Yur In would simply quit polluting
the spiritual waters maybe the currents would settle,give us, them adrift,
a chance to get our bearings.

Surely the rumors have turned to be true
being in the Yur In is a real pisser of a predicament.

© M Durfee

Sorry once I get an idea stuck in my head I have to go with that shit.


  1. not much fun when you dont even have the tools you need to do the job...even if the job is just living...and so true on muddying the spiritual waters that come between civilizations...and if you just follow the current it circles back

    1. Brian, the only fight I have left in me right now is writing about it. I used to like swimming in the waters until they bloomed algae and plastic.

  2. We saw a lot of tides coming and going along the coast of Maine this past week. And the polished stones they leave behind in their work.

    1. How deep into Maine did you get Charles? I love the whole state the ocean side and the Quebec side are different places, one smells of the sea and the other of great cedar forests not all logged out yet, And that Northernmost border crossing...'nother story for another day. I hope you picked up a few of those stones and had some good lobster rolls.

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    1. Semen thanks for the referral, which boat are you trying to sell?

  4. Yes, adrift . . . go with the flow.

    Don't need no stinkin' paddle.

    1. I tried that go with the flow for years then I realized i sort of had to but being able to steer would be nice Goatman.

  5. YUR right!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  6. "can you even fight undertows rushing from the heart
    while others come raging from the mind to different destinations?" favourite line!

    Warfare is rampant, the target everyone, the poison our mind.

    1. I know Shadow. I really am tired of fighting wars over everything

  7. Ok third time is the charm.
    I'm so pleased to find you here and still writing.
    When I was a young 20 I had these letters engraved on my lighter: USCWAP ~ for "up shit creek without a paddle". God, I didn't know what it meant, how deep it could get and how horrid it felt to be there without a paddle. Time is a fickled mistress. I know now. Still can't find the paddle and would send it Fedex if I could. No paddle, no rudder. It just sucks. Waiting for a breeze and hoping the sails don't fail. In the mean time I will be a better reader. Hang in there.

  8. HI Melinda. Yep i have promised to quit a half dozen times but my mind is the only part of me that won't sit still long enough to quit.

    I'll overnight your paddle if i find it if you'll do the same with mine.

  9. Absolutely ~ you have a deal! Like ebay, only different. ;-)


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