Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thanksgiving Detroit style
can be often odd as two people
fucking in public on Main Street.
Who gets the meal?
The ones having sex
or the ones with the view?
We are after all known as
the City of Ruin Porn.

Thanksgiving Detroit style can often be different;
months spent advertising during prime time
for food and money to give away to the destitute.
At least if they had begged for the TV time
they would have not paid to try to guilt people
out of fucking money to pay the big bosses nonprofit salary,
non taxed salary for the internet licensed pulpit pimp
which he gets off the top before his flock gathers
for few more ice block, chemically grown turkeys
thrown off the back of the rented armored truck
for people to try to catch without getting a concussion.
It is harder to fight for food with a head injury.
Man, I am strangely thankful for the fingers that fly
when the truck door slams down on twenty empty boxes
that held 5 birds each to feed a city starving to death.

Bow your heads at the near empty table and pray
“dear God let me get to the front of the line early enough
to be the first one in the store
and may them behind me trample each other
while I get mine
and thank you for this macaroni and cheese.
Please let there be enough so the kids can have some too,
you know how I love my mac and cheese. Amen.”

No shit headline news:
36 hours without a single gunshot that hit a human,
not one murder either.
I think it’s just the police fucking
with the Main Street headlines
and they simply haven’t found the bodies yet.
We still kill in the cold
we have learned to be cold.
Three years ago we went 28 hours;
though I still don’t think Guinness is coming
except in an aluminum keg
for them who own the coal.

I know there were guns fired but fuck ‘em,
the ignorant never train for aim
only respect Detroit style,
just make noise as they roll along
being bad ass pretending to make my dirty Harry day.
Clint Eastwood. He’s a local boy. He made one movie here.
36 hours of fucking misses---
means 36 hours of poor aim
or pretty weedy hiding spots,
either way the internet story comments
are simple minded,
disguised racist
and cynical.

I like the comments more than the ill-informed story
it is so great to be hated for the color of my neighbor’s skin.
I mean that as the only deadly serious line in this piece.
I walk every mile in the shoes of others
as long as I live in this fucked up
and fucked over morally bankrupt area.
And for that I am truly thankful.

© M Durfee


  1. ha. yeah...i would not hold my breath on the stats of no deaths...its good to be thankful no matter where you are at...and in the end at least they have not gotten you yet....

    1. Had to add that yet eh Brian? hahahaha fuck 'em. Everyone here knows I am a veteran and was rated a marksman and always will go for the head shot. There really is a duality here from now until the great New Years eve firefight when everyone has to pop off rounds for four or five hours. I don't waste ammo that way. But truly bit by bit Detroit and its residents are eating themselves.

  2. The city of ruin porn. Now there's a title.

    1. This town has had so many monikers hung on it Charles:
      The City of Trees
      The Paris of the Midwest
      The Arsenal of Democracy
      The Murder capitol of America
      The site of Bankruptcy central
      The Midwest wasteland
      The City of Run Porn (90,000) still standing vacant abandoned structures)

      Our biggest problem is how big we are Boston, San Francisco and Manhattan would all fit within the city limits with one third the population that stretched it out that far.

  3. "It is so great to be hated for the color of my neighbor’s skin" --- isn't that the case though? Hated because of "their" skin. That's the way I took it anyway.
    I'm not quite sure if I'm thankful for not having the experience of seeing what it's like in a neighborhood in Detroit, or thankful that there are people like you who see, feel and absorb their surroundings intend of just looking the other way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mark. (Try looking away just for one day…) xo

    1. Honestly Deb I think if I moved out of Detroit there would be a cross burning on my new front lawn within a week. I am not so much hated as people are afraid to come here and for a year I have been isolating myself away. Detroit has another name I didn't list with Charles above--the most racist place in America. I will stay without fear because it is safer to be in a place where people will watch out for you and the rest know there will be retaliation if they move their mess into mine. For the most part living in Detroit is like anywhere else. Mind your own business. There is that carjacking trend though. But no self respecting their would drive my car.

  4. I wish you would move....

    I count you among my blessings, mark. Thank you for your friendship.


    1. Seriously kj, to where? If the EM gets his way my pension goes from $900 a month to about $100. And besides I saw the start of the crash and burn I want to see where this is all at when i am about to die.

  5. Good stuff, your words and the thoughts behind them. Here in Texas, some dude evaded arrest right downtown today after realizing he was going to be locked up tomorrow for shooting a musician-kin in an argument, and schools went into another of many lockdowns because guns mean freedom except for during lockdown because so many Texans can't see the difference, apparently. Violence scores another round, not reported by the report of any particular rifle or concealed sidearm, but it is there, and it is here.

    1. Fear is everywhere Erik, and now that we have kids going to this new knockout game gun violence will increase. People up here now are pretty big on the whole open carry registration rather than a CCW. Funny thing is if they get involved by firing into an altercation they were not involved in they get arrested and charged.

      At one of the upscale BIRMINGHAM SCHOOLS some fool had his open carry permit but his sweater was partially covering it, he took his kid up tp the school door some teacher at the door saw the weapon and immediately put the school on lock down and 911'd him. The Po Po said no harm no foul after 7 hours.

  6. Well, Mark, I am going to wish you a good Thanksgiving. Maybe there will be a day of respite from all the violence. I hope so anyway. Wish you were down here having your Thanksgiving with us. Maybe another year.

    1. I kind of doubt it Syd, I practice thanks more days than not (despite what I write). Seriously this whole bankruptcy of the city and loss of medical ins. could hammer my wife and i personally quite hard, we may have had our last road trip.

  7. In H.L. Mencken's l1920's days in Baltimore, black-on-black murders were deliberately not reported, as this was mere "nigger crime."
    It took The Sage of Baltimore" to smarten people up,it seems.

    1. Well I don't live in Baltimore but I do what I can. Black on black crime is nigger crime same as all crime is nigger crime Ivan. But the biggest gangsters of all own Walmart or Banks.

  8. Mark-sigh..It's so scary and awful. Did I tell you that Randy and I were victims of an attempted carjacking. Close call and terrifying. I now am paranoid where I never was before. xo


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