Saturday, November 30, 2013


The early morning silence has finally come,
‘cept for the ever present monster
rumbling aways to the south.
There is a place where you never know
if the noise made is some kinda industrial or violence,
only that the it’s always coming from its great mouth.
Beyond a certain line there be dragons.
Over here East of it
there is this morning;
we are flagged in unusual truce,
there is hope it will stay this way
but no way to know
so the only thing one can do is cope.

I do not like this time of the year’s day,
all the crap I am expected to say
about happy this or merry that.
Motherfucking holidays,
god damn me
I just want to escape them all and get away.
I get deep well—chronically depressed
at all this holiday lie, commercial fraud and mess
as everyone begins again to fall into the trap
of giving more and more and more crap
that is so easily forgotten by the recipient
but not the penitents when the plastic bill comes due
without so much as a thank you
(even though you got double reward points).

Don’t pass me round the eggnog or CHRISTmas less cheer
Give me no gift ‘cept the silence I long to always hear.
No more gunfire, no more violence
no more thievery, no more rape or robbery.
And for fucks sake let me
not have to explain to the Christians
every god damned day next year.

© M Durfee

TRUTH: I really do not like any holiday or count any day more or less important than any other. As a global society I don’t think we could be more screwed up than we are in this age. I watch statistics about everything and the wise have cut back on most everything. Maybe due to the last crash or the one that is coming, makes little difference to me other than I am glad for them who will not be digging a deeper hole of debt servitude for themselves. I am not one who refuses to share what is honestly in my mind and on my heart. I know this is when most people decorate and love the season and all that comes with Thanksgiving Day, which I spent sleeping and feeding dogs as necessary. I will spend the next two holidays the same way; sleeping. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. If you enjoy this rush and hurry and bustle of hustle. Enjoy it! For me it’s all endless squares on a calendar I cannot escape. Thus it has been, thus it will always be.

The day has dawned gray and drear,
the trains horn is all I can yet hear.
The houses in this town,
two of three sit stripped, an empty spot.

The summer was meant for stealing
copper, water tanks, furnaces
and every other comfort making what not.

Now that snow is here in late November
the homeless families making do
living in cars are cheated out of shelter
they could have used to squat.

©M Durfee


  1. i hear you man, it is a battle to fight the suck of the holiday, between the materialistic suck into joining the debt craze, to having religeon crammed sideways down your throat by hypcrites...i hear you man...dont hate on the eggnog though...let me enjoy that at least...smiles.

  2. Thanksgiving has been stolen. Can we take it back? Do we even want to?

  3. Yeah, it's pretty unpleasant to have to explain to some Christians what it means. I saw two posts on facebook by someone a few weeks back. The first one was the usual crap about how people who are on food stamps or getting welfare are all blood sucking vampires living off the rest of us. The second post, right after that, was about how wonderful it feels to be in God's graces.

  4. Ah well. There surely is a Santa Claus, nevertheless.
    The Salvation Army just paid my back rent.
    And tell me there is no God in this whitebread town perched atop Toronto.
    But I so black.

  5. Well, yeah. But It's gotta be near Chrismas. Everybody in my whitebread town is suddenly in a good mood, including the charity folks.
    The Salvation Army just paid my back rent.
    I told them, "hey, thanks....This wasn't supposed to happen. I'll make it up to you. I don't want to be an ingrate."
    Colonel said don't worry about that.
    I hear they shoot ingrates in Florida.

    Here I was, Simple Simon coming to the Pie Man.
    ...And for once not being shot.

  6. I feel for you, but I'm still grateful for the holidays that give me an excuse to travel hundreds of miles to sit around in a living room with the people I grew up with.

  7. You and I both have the same approach to rudeness!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  8. Yeah, the greed and over-consumption always makes me think of making a snowball and it gets bigger and moves more and more sluggishly and eventually it breaks apart. Other than seeing family not often seen throughout the year, there isn't much different in a day for me at "holiday" time.

  9. It is easy to be cynical during this season. We humans are a messed up bunch.

  10. Mark, I hear you on most holiday counts. Seeing family is my main joy. I always long for January to just have so much less to do. Do whatever makes you happy. xo

  11. I do love Thanksgiving because it's about eating and napping. Both are pretty good, especially the napping.


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