Thursday, November 7, 2013


As all species do I am forced to ask what we are evolving to. Who can recognize the thing we are now from the them of a few hundred years ago much less two decades away? What we allow ourselves today to be defines tomorrow’s species. It’s not the evolution of language that bothers me for shizzle but rather the mental change that drizzles down on us as we forget what a human is supposed to be.

Remind yourself that you have to work to be evil and side with the devil, hobbled with hatreds, want to feed the evil, defiance for the one standing next to you is forced labor, it is not supposed to be a part of our DNA, our human nature.

How can one be happy at the sight of another falling down in failure when they themselves are only a misstep away from the same fate? I am told and yes, have learned by experience that the greatest thing I can do is to love my fellow human being but it seems that I’d rather do hatreds work and then jump for joy and glee when trouble bursts their bubble.

How much has ignorance of love changed us?

Our evolution powered by greed not need has become a bucket of shit and muck that doused all of my desire to see any more of anyone especially them who use the word love so often and willingly but have not an iota of its meaning. I look at their actions, see they deliver that love with a truck load of corroded cold hearted hammer blows. I just quit it all; if what we have for one another in general, is this kind of love. leave me be, for today mankind’s love is killing me as I rebuild my walls.

M Durfee


  1. i think we use love way too often....we love coffee, we love things that do things for us....we love particular foods....what does that do or mean to our love for each other....

  2. If we're talking about the species as a whole, there have actually been many times that were worse.

  3. One of the big unfortunates of human evolution is that our evolution took place over millions of years in small groups, where cheaters and scam artists could be caught and exiled or punished. In the huge populations we have today, with the constant movement around of peoples, the crooks can scam huge numbers of people and are seldom caught or punished adequately. The frequency of that behavior is bound to grow under those circumstances. I don't know how we can turn it around.

  4. I totally agree with you, evil and our DNA. very powerful thoughts in this piece. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. And yet the sun that already set for today in California shines outside my window to the music of human activity. I will be gone too soon. And I love to visit your prophetic rectitude. Selah

  6. I really don't think we have changed that much in the few thousand years of human history... A powerful piece, Mark. Lots to think about...

  7. Evolution driven by greed not need--interesting insight and something to ponder. Thanks.

  8. Mark-sage said just what I was thinking. In my small town, it seemed that need was the basic motivation. I don't see that so much in the city. xo


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