Monday, November 4, 2013


I lost yesterday
and it’s a pretty good bet
that today is a goner already,
before it’s even begun yet.

well tomorrow
we’d  best leave alone for now.

I’ve been sad for so long
I don’t remember glad
as anything
but everything gone wrong.
A brand name garbage bag
that once was full of cool shit
but now waits and sits sliding
the slippery slope
in a sorrowful landfill,
biding it’s turn to be crushed
and tilled for the greed of gulls to feed
better than a thousand kids  spending days
looking for leftover shit to fill their needs
and a thousand years of decay.

My head was full
of good ghosts of when thens
and haunts of there weres but now I think
it’s just filled with I’d
right now prefer  to be,
only ghostly, done, you know,
no more me,  just dead.  

OH FUCK!! I just realized the answer to tomorrow—more sorrow.

© M Durfee

I really have to apologize for writing and not making it around to your wonderful blogs and commenting. In 1974 I broke my left elbow while at sea and lately it has been giving me grief where if i type only so much I'm Ok but go past that line and it's Vicodin time. when winter os here it will be better.


  1. ugh...def a depressing write today...a life just full of sorrow...gotta find some sunlight brother....i know that is not easy but...and sorry on the elbox...i got knees like that...from crushing them on the loading dock in high school....

  2. For 40 years, or 50, or 60, we get knocked down and we get up again. The problem is that life never stops punching. It doesn't matter how many times we get up. Someday we won't be able to.

  3. I hope tomorrow actually brings happiness rather than sorrow. We could all use a little bit of cheer, I think. Hope all is well, sorry for being absent for quite so long.

  4. Sad ... glad ... we got so much snow overnight, it makes me mad ... because I know it will stay till May ... have been shoveling my sidewalk like there is no tomorrow ... now a nice shower, then enjoy some hot cocoa by the fire ... with you ... and we will talk until the cows come home ... whatdayasay ... smiles ... mmmh?

  5. Good grief Mark. Forget the Vicodin, you need medical-grade marijuana. Now that will brighten your day!

  6. I hear that depression…terrible. Sorry about the elbow. Hope your tomorrow has something to smile about in it.

  7. Sure wishing you a pain free winter!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  8. Woke up this mornin'
    Both cars were gone...

  9. I'm sorry, Mark, that you're feeling so down and that your elbow gives you more pain... Tomorrow holds a bit of hope nevertheless. I'm thinking of you, my friend.

  10. Sorry you're going through so much. Wishing you pain-free days. I know how it is now. Never did before. And while going through the pain, the aftermath of depression just sucks us right into its web. I'm hoping by venting it out to us, you can find some sort of relief, if any at all. Hard to laugh or watch a comedy when everything is so dark and gray. My thoughts are with you my friend… hang in there.

  11. Mark, seems like something is always haunting you, both mental and physical. Stay strong, friend. xo


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