Thursday, August 1, 2013


Keep checking for the sight
of your ship coming into your harbor
freshly dredged of need and greed.

 It’s bound to be just beyond the earth’s curve
carrying the cargo your heart has so longed awaited
since you sent it sailing on wings of prayers
hoping for treasures to be found.

Did you expect to wait a lifetime for that return voyage;
was it hard all this time
working your life away
waiting until the ships coming home day?

And what is it you will see as you watch
those holds of your promised returns emptied?
Will you be able to accept the goods
of other lands and cultures come your way?

Or will you feel cheated of the time
you spent looking for its arrival?
Expect no surprises
as the nets hit the dock.
For wherever it was
that ship of your fortune went to
you may not have known it
but you were both captain and crew.

In the night sky depth
Stars guide my lonely voyage
Discovering peace
Many journeys end learning
Finding I never left port

© M Durfee


  1. Nice early morning chuckle Mark. Thanks.

  2. ha. nice close on this...

    actually having that boat come in empty is rather least for me...and it keeps me from waiting around for the next...i'd rather ride the boat and let the current take me where it will...

    now i better untie it first...smiles.

  3. I've found over 6 plus decades that even if riding on the boat and sail in it from port to port...when wakefulness finally happens, one might find the port of call is where one started....

  4. I'm a land lover, through and through. I like to look at the water and watch the ships come and go, but I'm happy with what I have and where my feet are firmly planted.

  5. " were both captain and crew..."
    Sobering thoughts here.
    And yet, who can resist the lure and draw of adventure and travel those ships represent, especially those who have little to lose, little to regret.
    I know I took my chances way back then; and it has made all the difference.

  6. I think my ship needs the barnacles scraped off.

  7. Yeah Brother,
    I keep waiting for my ship to come in also!

  8. I enjoy the daily grog, and the midnight watch.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  9. I'd rather take that ship and sail the seas... Captain and crew... yes, I guess I always am...

  10. Wow. Excellent!

    ...And it so reminds me of dating at age 75.

    The old man and the She.

  11. Nice one, Mark. I'm ready to cast off lines when I return from a land voyage to the mountains. I prefer the sea to just about anything else.

  12. Mark-the last stanza is very beautiful. I watch the freighters go by all the time. xo


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