Saturday, July 20, 2013


In the forest of green,
trees all a growin’ side by side
not a one of them creatures
rising tall and thrivin’ there ever knowin’
what the future will notice or apprise.

Will the rain come
water the leaves and root
give strength released
that it may rise foot by foot
to the sun in peace
will the lightnin’ strike it down to forest floor
kill that which just was a moment before
very much like the others, living full with life
tall strong, wantin’ taller still, alive?

So it is with none to know
how time moves
or how life goes.

Some men passing by
will look at the one tree yet living
be thankful for the shade it’s a giving
another will look at the tree felled
by a lightning hammer blow
and think
“with a little work I know
I could take that wood cut it, dry it, let it treat
through the long winter cold, it’d succor me
it would give me, my family, my home plenty o’ heat.

It is simply a matter of perspective
one man walking by is grateful respectful
for a bit o’ comfort a moment’s idle peace
the other wanderin’ through
stumbles upon a God send
and is thankful that he knows
at least one future need
with a wee bit o’ work has found an end.

© M Durfee

Gone off the grid for a few more days. Be Well all and safe.


  1. Reminds me of an experience I still recall vividly. It involved my mom, of the older generation and very much a farmer at heart. we were out feeding the cows one day and passed a field that had started to grow up in wild brush. She remarked how horrible it was for a field to go to waste like that, while I was thinking, good for nature. Take it all back.

  2. Mark, I do believe this is a masterpiece poem. It is my favorite among all you have written: everything in it is perfect and perfectly executed.

    And what an important observation,reminder, perspective , assurance.

    Proud proud of you, on a day when your Detroit may view itself in the same way


  3. Gosh, our hearts are with Detroit, Bro.

    Take care! Aloha

  4. in many ways it is about we look at the world around us...what we can make of it...and hopefully this kind of thinking is infecting those of where you live...thought about you quite a bit this week sir as things played out...

  5. No wonder you're off the air for a bit.

    Omg. Detroit bankrupt.

    But it's happened before. Even to New York city in l874, when it went to the country for something called a Big Mac loan.
    It worked.
    But in Detroit it was the new city administrator called in--and even he seems to have screwed up.
    What to do? Write to Angela Merkel for capable administrators?
    Hate to say it, but new blood is needed.
    Maybe some Japanese businessmen?
    The home team appears incompetent.

  6. Hi Mark,

    Heard about Detroit. Love you.

  7. what a wonderful, clear, and thoughtful poem!

    Gratitude....keeps the earth on it's axis.

    At least the news is letting Detroit finally have it's cry.

    Heart is with you.

  8. staggering from pillar to post, as the saw goes...

  9. So much wisdom, Mark. Yes, it's all in our perspectives. Be well!

  10. Nature abhors a vacuum. For everything there is a purpose. Beautiful.

  11. Life is a matter of perspective, all around. It all depends on how we look at it. I like this poem by Campoamor:
    In this treacherous world
    nothing is either truth or lie;
    everything depends on the color
    of the crystal that one looks through.

  12. Mark-I love the rhythm of your words. I read some things aloud to enjoy the rhythm. Does that make sense? xo

  13. Met someone from Detroit this week and we talked about the bankruptcy happening there. I said that a poet friend (=you) lives there. I like how you put your time away--off the grid. I like that.


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