Thursday, September 16, 2021


Given that we are now enslaved.
Chained to the dictates of an insane climate.
Captured by the need to see;
to be shown the golden ticket, to a place
where nothing real exists.

Too much red,
too much blue
too much White to overrule

To many fake, rigged, lying for face time folks.
Hydroxychloroquine your parasite, not mine
Inject bleach, deworm yourself.
Listen use a damn bulb syringe…or
label everything another conspiracy. 

“We are all
just prisoners here
of our own…” advice.

© M Durfee

The partial quote is a partial lyric from Hotel California-- The Eagles,



  1. This is clean, clear and full of truth, Mark. As you probably know I live in very red state, and the deterioration of society here has almost reached the Mad Max stage, all through "our own advice," the advice from the bubble of our prejudice which is all we will listen to. "..the golden ticket, to a place/where nothing real exists.." says it all. There's a come uppance, a price for all this willful blindness, tho, because as they say, 'everybody hates the truth, but the truth doesn't care.'

    1. The truth knows itself far better than I ever will Joy. The next series of Senryu that I am posting relates right back to choice and and the consequences of those choices.

      It seems that the keyboard warriors are now emboldened to come out and fight. When did we become a nation built on the Idiocracy model?

  2. So sad to think about all the crap and nonsense people talk themselves into believing. Such a waste of time.

  3. It is sad Jean but it is human to defend beliefs regardless of cost or circumstance. I kind do mock them but usually it goes right past without effect.


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