Monday, May 28, 2018

I remember the dead not food or roller coasters.


We tended to remember
because we have headstones,
too many to be counted.

Some remember the unfound
yet lying in unmarked graves.

We think of their death
as the pinnacle of life,
of service to the nation.

We rarely count the spouses never married,
the children never born,
the parents given a golden star to display.

 It is mostly the young we send off, their first taste of life
found in both battle and the boredom between the fights.

Most in war did not die for ideals or principles
far above their meager pay grade; not for emblems,
pins, or reward but for the one fighting next to them.

No soldier ever hoped for a grave stone, no sailor a watery grave,
though if they were given such remember them for the sacrifice made.

Today I will not receive any medals for my cooking skills,
my county fair pin knocking knack , ability to dunk a clown
my waving a flag used as advertising most days of the year.

War was a ghastly costly effort of blood spilled in mud or frozen ground,
now I wonder do we count it a win as we see industrial profits roll in?

© M Durfee

photo is Pearl harbor military cemetery US gov. stock


  1. The things that may have helped war evolve in human culture have largely disappeared. The need for all to share in the spoils, for one. Now, at least with us, it all seems about stoking the fires of patriotism without regard to cost.

  2. Exactly what I needed to read on this day. Perfect.

  3. Thanx 4 this remembrance post, friend meouwpoppa ... Love, cat.

  4. A good reminder, Walking Man. Thanks!

  5. I have raised similar questions, albeit less poetically, and been crucified for it.
    Thank you for speaking the truth

  6. It’s a beauty, mark.

    I can’t imagine being in the midst of buddies dying and facing death in the same moments. I think patriotism is overrated: We the living affix great bravery and purpose to our soldiers, but from
    What I learned working on an army artillery base, most soldiers weren’t motivated by brave sacrifice when they signed up. But sometimes, they grew into a greater purpose and I hope those who die feel that purpose in the end.

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