Friday, February 2, 2018

ICE my ass


On the dirt floor within the adobe walls bedded down with snakes and scorpions. Their bite and sting is only poison. Dreams pock marked with bullets still offer hope. Distant places are not vacations, they don’t fill dreaming minds of rest; only honest labor with bent backs in fields that pay by the piece.

© M Durfee

55 words to express a thought should be easy. Some days it is and others, well it takes a week or two. G-Man, the knight who began this meme, exercise, or just some writing for fun I am certain he would be proud of Joy at VERSE ESCAPE and the others who have kicked ass by keeping going for so long since his passing is testament to the man himself. If you write one link it to Verse Escape.

I am all in on DACA—personally I believe that the opposition party in the United States should obstruct, debate, and filibuster every damnable plan this current president has until them who were carried here on the backs and dreams of their parents are given a short path to full citizenship. These young adults by near every account are studious, patriotic, forward thinking members of the generation coming into their own now.

I wonder about Trump and his minions and how they see themselves as being harmed in the past where America has to be made great AGAIN. In Michigan a man who had been living here since age 9, now 39, worked, paid his taxes, kept up on his ICE meetings was arrested and deported. He could not even speak the language of Mexico, no mercy, no trial, no protection.

Michigan a Doctor from Poland who lived in America for 38 years was arrested. His offense—ask Trump.
My family on my father’s side has been on this continent since 1640, they were Huguenot refugee's escaped from France, but my mother was first generation American born. I see this from all sides and I am disgusted by them who would not be here had the generations before them stayed in place, never had dreams of a better way or a place they could help build. GREAT AGAIN? My ass.


  1. The party in power is the party of fear, of tribal wagon-circling and exclusion and paranoia, oh--and of money, money money. They know how to gin up every white cracker's (whether toothless in ballcap or in Armani suit)hidden resentment of those who work harder and pay a higher price for everything, and hence threaten the only pitiful claims to self-esteem he has, his skin color and fucking flag. I am with you 100% on this 55, Mark. Thanks for writing it.

  2. despite the fact that we're all immigrants here, many of those who are here seem to hate immigrants. The mind boggles

  3. At the moment, it seems that fear, divisiveness, and inhumanity are the things governing this country. I can't understand why everyone doesn't see it. I've no idea what mind can find sleep while believing that tearing hardworking families apart is a good thing for anyone.

  4. A successful business and family man living in Youngstown almost 40 years just got deported to Jordan. The community is in an uproar but apparently to no avail.
    Trump is an embarrassment.

  5. This post and subsequent comments thread gives me some hope.

  6. Seems "Divided we fall, united we stand" isn't getting any media buzz. There is so much irrational fear pushing and prejudice peddling is utterly astounds me. Money sure has a dirty mouth.

  7. Fear is gain, born in the voices of those (in power) who would divide and conquer, and this fear is carried on the backs of those who feel they are, and possibly are, disempowered, those who consider themselves true Americans or true Britons or whatever country this dirty game is played in.
    And once played, scapegoats pay the price, but further costs will surely follow..
    Anna :o].

  8. Such a tragedy... and I also imagine that there are a bunch of republican "businessmen" who have gained their wealth from the work of these immigrants... and they are rewarded with tax-cuts...

    We have our share of illegal immigrants in Sweden, but there is no way you can live as an illegal for 30 years...

  9. I am second-generation American, grandparents came here in early 1900's from Poland and Italy with a dream, to raise a family, to become "Americans." Don't get me started on the current idiots from the White House to small town America who want to block those who have the same dreams. Bigotted, biased, pathetic group that they are. Makes my blood boil. Thanks for capturing the thoughts of so many in your words.

  10. well, f those f'n f'ers. and twice on sunday.

    1. Dude you can write the word fuck, fucking, fuckers on here. You're entitled to your opinion I would never delete your comment for having one contrary to my own. I would however delete it because when I link back to you I find you choose to remain completely anonymous.

      I don't mind trolls per se; cowards on the other hand...

      Have some balls and quit being an internet cowBOY, you want to debate I say "bring it." You want to come and drop fuck bombs? I say keep them in your ass.

  11. Maybe he will step on his dick once too often and we will be rid of him.

  12. You live, you work, you pay, you get paid, you say.


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