Monday, June 6, 2016


The silence comes roaring out of the darkness.
The heart trembles a bit
when there is no sound to mirror the beat.
Fear stalks the indulgent mind.

Begging, light O God give me light.
The silence cares not
for any gods or frights.
Hot humid silence crushes all prayers.

Breathing in the oppressive air of fear.
Fear rising is abnormal,
The never before known absolute silence
crushes with weight absolute.

Do you feel it, this toxic silence of the unknown?
Does it make fear rise from your belly?
Are your fears freezing your feet in place?
Why? Is your faith not born of silence?

© M Durfee

D-Day 6/6/44.  Even though that generation is swiftly passing, should never be forgotten.


  1. I think there was a time when all faith was born of silence. Today, perhaps, it is too often born of the shiny lure of the TV.

    1. Probably the best response to this write Charles. If it's on TV or a computer screen all of a sudden every word spoken is inflammatory or trust expectant. Skepticism of much of what my eyes see is a great part of my faith.

  2. Replies
    1. Faith is ownership of something before it appears or put another way it is title deed to whatever you can conceive as reality, both seen and unseen prior to your having it.

  3. Oppressive silence, from both fear and faith, I have experienced them ~ I think when one encounters life's challenges, you either believe in yourself or not, have faith or not ~

    1. The thing I believe Grace is that in faith there can not be fear. I do not see either in terms of "religious or spiritual" operations but human traits. I also do not equate belief and faith. Beliefs are taught faith is born; especially through experience.

  4. When I was 17 I joined a monastery ... it was my hiding place ... it was a peaceful place ... it was an educational place ... it was a place of order and manners ... it was a place of faith ... but it also was a place of fear, so one day I left them ... it took me 9 years to leave them, and I still love them deep in my heart ... once a cat always a cat, smiles.

    1. Meowmomma a place of sanctuary can be silent without being oppressive, but if that sanctuary encapsulates an iota of fear, in my mind it is no sanctuary and better of left behind to boldly go places you never thought possible.

  5. Fear is cold. Silent. Overpowering. Has the ability to freeze motion and thought. Only one way. Do it. One solid step at a time.

    1. You got it Shadow, give no place to the devil and its fear and you may be hesitant but you will move!

  6. I don't do the "faith" thing. I'm not big on hope either. That kind of silence just makes me look over my shoulder.


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