Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Every night I see a light off in the distance, a remnant of something or a foretelling of a thing about to be. The truth is the only thing that changes perceptions of this light is whether I wear my glasses outside or not. Occasionally in the silence when it is just me and this light I fart. It sounds like a ship’s horn in the silence but never loud enough to set off alarms; though I seem to sound thunderous.

The light doesn’t laugh or even look like it’s holding back a smile. No room for sophomoric humor in the night, I get it. The night is supposed to be mostly silent. A time of rehashing the day past and making plans for the one about to break. I rarely consider the day past because my normal is to not fuck anyone or thing over and I never make a plan for the day after dawn—I am not steady, like the light.

Coming on when told, going off when told. I used to be like this light, all lights in fact but now I am more like the fart, loud but soon drifting away, my contribution to global warming and the night. I should show more restraint though, one day there is a possibility I will blow the light out—another longtime acquaintance destroyed without word.

© M Durfee


  1. Or, if there's a leak in the electric light, perhaps ignite your fart and blow everything away.

  2. I had the same thought as Charles ... maybe you could become a street performer ... smiles ... and another thought: I own some 30 head of cattle ... and cows are supposed to be the worst offenders, when it comes to farting and global warming ... just think some day somebody will fart the last and then our planet will go "poof" ... anyway, another great post, meowpoppa ... Love, cat.

  3. Lots of mystery around light and darkness and gas...

  4. ....thoughts I think at 3am. I prefer the shapes I see at night, can make them be what I want them to be. When the rising and falling of my chest rumbles through sleeping breaths, threatens to wake them, sssssh, this is MY time. Well, mine and yours *grin*. Luv ya, Mark


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