Friday, March 4, 2016


I never wonder why the bird never sings with a lyric to tell me what it means, why a mountain rises to show me what it brings, why the oceans calm before a storm that I might see what truth it is about to fling. I do wonder why the earth, this ball of dirt so full of smarts allows one species to tear it apart. I can never wonder why or which for long—because this son of a bitch has learned only children cry.

I could tell you ten times ten thousand what life is in Detroit but my vocabulary ain’t that adroit.

Swiftly moves the river past the place rushing from St. Clair to Erie. It’s similar to the weather which, except for the cold, doesn’t want to stop here either. Frigid must have no choice and silent is its voice.

We live here lifetimes, some two or three a day, not in fear, not the smart ones, we long ago gave up that way. No hell no, we practice, practice, practice with our guns until we get to shoot someone being critically dumb.

You think you know blight and decay, but compared to this place you know shit on your shoe. Not multiple thousands of structures, once homes, now derelict bums left open for every freak show men have learned to do.

This is not the poorest city in the land for no reason, we like it that way. Life is division and we may never again add but we will always go for subtraction, take aways, disembowelment, and regurgitation of all our peculiar forms of segregation. Only the outsiders are perturbed by what they don’t live in. Messy can be a part of creation. Or does cremation fit better here? Hmmmmm

Man I really don’t give a whit that a nigger business refused me service because I’m peckerwod white twit—will of the damned people and all that shit. ‘Sides an Ayrab store down the street will sell me what the fuck ever I want or need including outlawed spice—because they are so fuckin’ nice sucking every dime from folks they treat like slime, a single cigarette for three quarters and a dime!

I like watching my city mates of all colors who will never die; always drinkin’ liquor every day on welfare government guilt atonement pay as they get skunk weed sky high, it’s a matter of social pride the daily vacation get aways, streets have to give respect if that’s what you call an unearned government check for sittin’ on your ass, ya know a theme park ride is a ride as long as someone else pays for the gas.

I like seeing politicians that lead who’re (remove apostrophe) more worried about the rich man’s lands than people who have gone half stupid by thirty ‘cuz they never learned to read. Infuckindeed. We don’t need no education that may ruin our own vacation from a life of participation. Fuck that workin’ shit, ain’t no jobs anyway but we have—

Our fair share of crap lining our watery banks with Marathon oil refining shit all over the Delray ‘hood, fuck it man breathe it in, seriously it will do you good, petcoke piles ablowin’ in Koch Brother winds, garbage incinerator stacks sending shit whichever witch way, and a long, long, long list of money grubbing federal inmates who once were political hacks.

Hey it’s just a few thoughts on my home, the place I am going to die, a land 139 square miles to be exact stuck all alone under a dome. Don’t bother to ask my ass why I care, you just might inspire me to flight and land inside your neighborhood bringing with me all the bullshit that is called the real true Detroit good.

© M Durfee


  1. Man, you're writing a hearse song here, terribly laden with dense clouds. I wonder what the plan is for change in Detroit.

  2. You tell me, that, if I don't know Detroit, I know shit on my shoe, Meuowpoppa ... dream on ... wrong ... I know Edmonton in -30C and seeing a young guy walking from garbage can to garbage can and eating stuff, that other peeps threw away ... it broke my heart, when I saw that ... so I followed him and offered him $20 and a sandwich ... and he said to me: Why are you doing this? Keep your money! ... and then he walked away from me ... that broke my heart again ... so bad ... cuz I could have set him up with so much more than $20 ... right there ... I didn't even find out his name ... he didn't even wanna tell me his name ... tears, Meouwpoppa ... and, no, not only children cry ... adults do too ... I know, I did ... Love, cat.

    1. ... it's so cold up here for 5 months/year ... shit does't even stick on my shoe ... so there, meoupoppa ...

  3. Interesting insights into a city that failed.

  4. Mark, I know the place your perspective rises from. It is what is shown you. I love how people "love Detroit", meaning that small area with Greektown and the stadiums. What a joke. Please move out near me and we can at least look at Detroit with a more easy breath. xo

  5. "We live here lifetimes, some two or three a day.." Just about says it all. Powerful angry stuff. Open a vein and let it bleed.

  6. Speak up, don't lie down. I much prefer the devil I know, the one I have seen spreading around me and the place I call home. Like a plague, it spreads, mold growing on all it touches, the people, the places, poisoning the ground and youth, tarnishing my memories, leaving me empty and filled with helpless frustration, disgust and anger. As in Detroit, I've witnessed this in my own country. Is this the way of the world?????

  7. seems to be the way of it, mark

    kristofferson said it well, too: he is a walkin contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction, takin every wrong direction on his lonely way back home....

    faKebook locked me out of my account some time back, claiming it MAY contain malware... the fix link they give does not work for me, no matter how often i try, or tell the admin

    yet they invite me to events i cannot access, obviously

    may as well use blogspot more often....

  8. ...things to ponder:


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