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Jesus Christ, they say, was born with some heavy dues to pay. Offering no offense of his own the decision was made afar off in the cosmos he’d repatriate all who ran up the bill from the beginning to this present day.

I am not certain I understand the evolution of that revolutionary thinking come about from then to this day. I don’t believe the guy came to start a religion, there is no such word in Hebrew, but what has evolved is a system that keeps people enslaved to religions that treat them like pigeons who must continue to be flocked and pay and pay on a debt a’ready paid.

It makes no sense this gathering of dollars and cents to ensure one is truly repentant. Why is it so profitable for the preachers, also known to me as, pulpit pimps, to ever reach out with a different message than the one most likely taught by that Christ? Not that anything can be completely clear to mankind after more than two thousand years of dissection, argumentation, corollary pulpit pimpin’ commentary, and curiosity over the whole resurrection thing?

I don’t dispute that the guy is an actual guy that lived aways back in history, but I do wonder how much of his story we actually got right? Especially this time of year when so many people get all worked up into a lather trying to provide Christmas joy and cheer, running hither and yon all in a dither trying to find a perfect gift for them that did not pay the bill once due. Seems to me that if anyone deserves a present it would be the dude who actually suffered the stripes and strife, the man who gave his life to give others what could be said to be a pretty good extra-long eternal life.

I am not confused so much how the tree and other shit came to pass, that was simply politically expedient bullshit by another of times self-appointed dictator emperors who wanted to consolidate power by calling himself divine. That’s the past it’s fine, nothing can change it one whit, even though todays vernacular describes it well—bullshit.

OK now I understand that we can only understand what words we find to read about events reported long after they happened and out of sequence. But pray tell, if I am given heaven why do I need fear hell?  Why is it again that I need to give a pretty large tax to some church to be called a member, or do I give it up in December for my taxes due next April?

I got the message and it’s cool by the by; I’ll take what has been freely offered, “anything for free ‘cept a hard time” says I. But I’ll be damned if what the thing starting out as something so clean and good doesn’t look today like a God damned scam. Oh yes and please don’t think I am picking on Christianity, in my view all religions simply stink and can only exist because following one is easier than learning to think. Please—feel free to argue with me, ain’t afraid of controversy, after all I have all eternity, debt free.

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  1. For far too many, religion is a way to fleece the people. It's disgusting.

  2. And the ones who are noisiest about "redemption" are the same ones who take the most money.

  3. It always boils down 2 money, meowpapa ... religion, politics, sports, relationships ... u name it ... always and never fails ... 'xept Love ... can't buy Love ... smiles ... Always, cat.

  4. Money, money, money... well, that's how the song goes. Good post. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. You know what gets me? The "Christmas tree" was taken from a Pagan religion. It has little to nothing to do with Christmas itself. Also, Jesus was not born on December 25th. Years ago, people suffered (as they do now) from a lack of vitamin D, (lack of sunlight for the natural source) and throughout December are the shortest days of the year. So, people suffered from depression. They needed to set the biggest holiday at the most depressing time of the year so people had something to look forward to. Nobody truly knew when Jesus was born. They have some sites that estimate the time, but nothing in concrete.

    And is anything in concrete? The Bible itself isn't in concrete. "Written by man, inspired by God" takes on many meanings. And throughout translations, different interpretations as well as many misunderstandings, it's very difficult to grasp the true meaning of any scripture.

    There are so many leeches off of this religion. Have you ever stayed up so late to see one of Pastor Popoff's infomercials? He wants to bless everyone in Jesus' name and he also wants to send you a FREE gift -- sometimes it's holy water and other times it's a blessed handkerchief that'll bring you money and fortune. But when you open the "gift", you get this beautiful gold cloth casing that says, "If you donate $30 or more, you will receive a great fortune." It's a scam to get you to send money. He writes (or his company writes) a long letter that "appears" to be handwritten and says that there are riches and fortune waiting for you and then uses the scriptures that are similar to, "Give and you will receive" --- total lunatic making a buck off Jesus.

    Anyway, I don't trust any religious pastor who has a billion dollar mega stadium (like Olsteen) or who has diamonds coming out of their wahoos. It just doesn't sit right to me.

    I'd rather listen to a religious speaker giving a free sermon in the NYC subway. THEN I will donate my money to him for the honest work he's doing.

    Sorry for the long comment... :)

  6. I will not argue with you, because I agree... :-)

  7. It is such a shame that religious people dont seem to think. The way I see it my Christianity would demand that I be more thoughtful and mindful than someone who lays no claim to any faith.

    Enjoy the season, Mark!

  8. How else to offer comfort at the funeral?

  9. Thinking: if there were one universal religion,what would happen to those of us who wouldn't buy into it?


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