Monday, November 9, 2015


In the places far and distant where men oft roam
to search out the lost that once existed. 
A journey back through space and time to rediscover
the abandoned places once known in the spirit and mind.
Growing up certainly destroys the innocence of the child born,
time knows no repentance. As we age we grow through
various stages of thought and learn how to be what we have become.

The journey is the back found truth of all destinations reached,
the thoughts of today prove what we are now.
Never are we the same as we were yet
finding the best of what we once had
needs to demur that we are faulty proof
in our corrupted positions concerning the truth
of our now needs. This is why we all
must return, revisit our past no matter the tiring cost
if we are to ever regain that which we set aside, put away, lost.
I left my soul behind me somewhere on the road
to this stage of my life. I filled in, covered the hole deliberately
with every emotion ranging from indifference to rage,
leaving somewhere behind the knowledge the key 
to all things good , kind, practical is found in love's door
practiced in every way from the spiritual to the physical.
I have no regrets for the anger that sustained me
through some extreme perilous times unprepared for.
Life after all can be persistent war ever raging both within
and against the society trying to discard another frail ability.

Now though as I look at the necessary journey.
Searching out my past to find that dead part of me
hoping upon hope there is a resurrection I can see.
I understand this one thing above all else for me,
looking at the path is fruitless, if I am to again be find the best
a man can be. The journey must be walked down
through the mire, murk swamp of aging memory
if the me I once loved is ever to be regained, found,
before the day comes where what is left of me goes underground.
Better to leave behind thoughts of positive goodness;
than the sad truth of a life mostly lived in silent distress.

© M Durfee


  1. I cannot beLieve how close this is to what I just posted, Follow That Dream. It's quite eerie. ...especially since I changed the last line from "...and at That End, is where I'll die." Vx

  2. a very different experience, walking the road with boots on the ground, than flying over or imagining it.

  3. I can not imagine you taking distress silently. Far more likely you will take it poetically.

  4. That was a powerful last line... The last paragraph seems to me to suggest we can find our own salvation, am I reading it right?

  5. Facing the past, walking in those bogs, is the necessary journey to get clarity and perspective.

  6. Fantastic, man ~! ^ as might say the French, d'accord ~ >

  7. I agree on revisiting the past, only to see it once again, and never of regret and blame ~ The ending verses is one of deep sadness though & hopelessness ~ I always pray for some measure of kindness and light inside me, no matter how dark the journey is ~

    Have a good week Mark ~

  8. I try to find little ways to share the burden. . . . feeble attempts. . . .but something

    ALOHA, Friend


  9. Honest and unflinching.... so much a part of your poetry. Thanks for this one; realism, hope, love and, perhaps, maybe, kinda.. a glimpse of redemption, but not on any easy or tokenistic terms.

  10. Dude that was raw! I love your poems. They have integrity!

  11. Mark, sometimes every day is a struggle to move forward. I plan to just fake it till I make it. xo


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