Friday, September 25, 2015


Good morning everyone. Have a good day. I am going today, to the VA hospital to have my hearing checked. To be honest with you all it is one of my new favorite places, not specifically because of the way medical care is done which rates a B at best but I like seeing fellow veterans and talking to them as we, strangers, walk the hall to our appointments. I am never judged by my looks, never treated differently because I was a deep water sailor and not a combat veteran, and if there is something cool in the canteen, I can buy it tax free. yep this place is my personal silver lining to the Detroit bankruptcy that took away all of my retiree healthcare benefits.

Really I mean it--I hope you all have a great day--victory through peace.



  1. Did your old lady send you to have your hearing checked? That's what happened to me and when they said it was fine, I was left without an excuse. Have a great day and visit.

  2. Show us what the canteen had to offer today!

  3. The cafeteria at RAF Wegberg Hospital in Germany was MY favourite place in the mid 1950s. The smell of that fabulous coffee lives on in my mind. Have a relaxing day Mark, you hear me?

  4. Right on! And I'll have myself a great day, too!

  5. Victory through peace indeed.
    Hope you had a good time,
    my friend.

    Hey if there si something good tax-free,
    maybe pick me up something. Lol.

  6. Canteen stuff is military memorabilia, pins and such, then there is the as seen on tv section (which is kind of cool) junk food and adult pablum, some electronics that i think are way overpriced, some clothes that are very nicely priced and about 1/2 made in china but the really good stuff it at least American made.

    Yeah it would appear with going very slowly blind (diabetic crap, years away) I am also going not so slowly deaf but will be needing testing for that to measure it--*meh* at least they called and gave me the audiology appt. the same day. Telling ya the VA isn't deserving of the bad rap they have gotten, at least not in the Detroit facility..

  7. Mark, my dad had to doctor at a V.A. and kind of enjoyed the experience also. I never was totally thrilled with the care he received though. I've never noticed your hearing to be awry! Good luck with all that. luv xox


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