Monday, June 15, 2015


More so than my breathing life
I want this war of truth
thought out to its end.
Nothing more than truth is prized
upon the fields of the mind.
The place that no eye
can rising from the mists
of internal conflict see,
nor ear hear the sound
of the whispers emanating
from the very soil of thought itself.
How far away from the daily places
of the mind do these wars rage
that define a course that be curse or cure
of conflicts born in the conscience of the spirit.
Hate, hate that which defines you
for there is ever so much more
than those known words.
You, you are found in the unspeakable
unknown indefinable wildernesses
of your spirits naked unspoken thought.
Find that long disregarded truth;
know that you are who you are because
you are the total of your being,
learned both in and away from this world.
When one understands that their being
is more than thought, flesh and bone
they transcend the troubles of this place
to live in the peaceful infinite found within.

© M Durfee


  1. Just checking in and found a gem. Hope all is well with you Mark.

    1. Thank you Carleton---yeah i am still me, rolling and tumblin' seems like everything is in constant need of reordering, but it's cool as that gives me something to do.

  2. What ahard place to get to, when all is there in front of you,
    i guess though faith takes more than sight,
    and to see beyond what is right in front of us.

    1. Exactly right as far as you take it Brian but now move one step, a single step beyond faith. That is where understanding lay, if yor faith is well inspired.

  3. We seek truth, and yet we hide from it...

    1. Rosaria, are we really seeking truth if we're in hiding? I have always been one to get to the high ground so I can search farther, even though i know i am exposed while up there in silhouette. i think we are more hiding from the arrows of arguments from them who would try to convince us we do not know what we actually do know.

  4. In an age when everything fed to us is a lie, will we even recognize truth anymore?

    1. Charles i know you've heard the saying we are what we eat. The first step is stop eating lies as truths. The first step is always the boldest because you move out from the herd and become an easy target for predators you're not expecting.

  5. That infinite within seems more real to me than so called reality. Of course I tend to not think of myself as just thought, flesh, and bone.

    1. Alice and that is why i love you--you are just indescribably weird. hahahaha

  6. Love this mystical piece for its sparkling imagery and subtle word play but more so for the thought process behind the words.
    No doubt something in us yearns to transcend senses, to achieve infinite knowledge, to rid itself of the fog of mystery and ignorance. There is a certain feeling that all we are and everything in and around us is a single process of is scary probably because we know nothing about it, it is frustrating because we can't seem to find the means to complete the process quickly and yet it is tantalizingly tempting because of its sheer promise.
    I hope the answers are within grasp and completion can be found in this lifetime!
    Thanks for this delicious treat!

    1. Yash--Thank you so much for your insight and kind words. I honestly believe that the type of hope you write of is in the palm of your spiritual being. Touch it silently and feel its wholeness course through you.

  7. I specially like the last 4 lines - to find and live in that peaceful infinite within us - I would like this very much ~

    Have a good week Mark ~

    1. Grace--I may just be an old fool who honestly believes that the kingdom of heaven is within you--I think you may know the words but are having a difficulty feeling them--forget the labels and the words and just be undefined. I am *shrug* formerly known as a poet. hahahaha YOU feel love and that is when you are most at peace, others need something else. I need to feel mud eh? Go figure.

  8. Ever since I found out that "attachment is the root of all evil" ... I am at more peace with things than ever before ... Love, cat.

    1. Meowmomma attachments we all have and need, even helium is attached to something.Yet at the same time having what you need and making your needs your wants is a part of the inexplicable formula for peace within.

  9. I like your ending. Descartes was wrong, we are complex beings.

    On my trip to NYC: I don't write about family much in my blog but my daughter (she is in high school) has an incredible opportunity to spend a week at the UN as an intern and so this trip is for her. My treat is to get to watch the Tigers beat up the Yankees :)!


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