Saturday, June 27, 2015

The News of Detroit

I am truly and quietly depressed,
if I had a gas oven,
I'd act like Sylvia Plath
and do myself in
without leaving much of a mess.

It really wouldn't much matter
if I went out clean or in a splatter.
This is after all Detroit
where everywhere and most everyone
is mentally raggedy and in tatters.


  1. But there were some good things happened this week in America. A couple of nice SCOTUS decisions. The fight goes on, though, and it seems victory is a long way away

    1. Open the link Charles. Go through the areas until you get the mapping of the blight--I live right in the middle of 48205.

  2. Sylvia stuck her head in da oven ... and what a mess she left for other 2 discover ... me is no stranger 2 looking and finding a sure and clean suicide plan ... u better have a better one than that, meowpapa ... or ... better yet ... get ur butt out there and help the situation in ur neighbourhood ... uz every person counts ... cum on, make me proud of u ... u can always die later ... Love, cat.

    1. PS: ... even if u go and clean the fish pond in ur local library once a week ... it'll make difference ... ya? ... Love, cat.

  3. Damned heartbreaking...and probably completely avoidable...L am sorry for you...

  4. How terribly many dreams crushed and lives broken ~

  5. Like Charles, I was shocked with your words, but the story you linked to just as painful to read--the neighborhood looked to be a nice one, until...

  6. Lost the first home I ever tried to buy to foreclosure...three years before I would have owned it outright. Thought about the "deed" and took a try or two to it, but, unsuccessful, so I live on, still. I can see my small wake of good...and I realize that if any grab on and take the reins, it will have been worth it. So, I am happy with my failure at suicide.
    I'm with the Cat up there. Stick your chin out, live your life! Make the bastards regret that you're alive, Mark! Make your small doubt bigger than mine...but MAKE it!
    You know the phrase I've been hearing in my head a lot?
    Because, you know...Fuck'em!
    Did you know that there are still farm houses out there in the countryside that stand empty because nobody wants to live under the shadow of their boss? Some are $150 a month, need work, and aren't anything at all like Kincaid houses.
    But they are warm shelter.

  7. heartbreaking.

    forget the oven, mark. there is life elsewhere, if that's what you must do. don't stay if your reasons to stay are no more. anywhere safe and stable will do, yes?

    love love

  8. I'm sorry, Mark. We love you. Hang on.

  9. Mark, don't you dare....I couldn't take it. xo

  10. Your black dog is snarling and threatening ... again. Winnie Churchill often dealt with his 'dog days' and dark nights time after time by out-staring the beast. Maybe also with a wee dram or two of Scotch to blur the vision of the monster.

    Chin up, shoulders back. Things could be worse ... and may well be in times to come.


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