Thursday, January 8, 2015



A long dusty dry road behind and the same ahead, never a bend, twist or compromise as long as the end result is a count of the dead. Vengeance is terrorism, be it Christian, Jewish or Muslim and when the deed is done them left alive sit back feet up and congratulate themselves on the ideas planted by someone who surely must have been high, knowing their way is the only way to honor their slavery to man made money grubbing institutions. Tell me says I when did murder for retribution become the path of light instead of a form of prostitution? Even Cain, the first according to some, was put out of society as little more than scum. And what was his reason for bringing death to the planet, as the story goes he wasn’t patted on the back equal to his brother, if that’s a reason to murder and maim all I got to say is fuck that. I am all for anyone who wants to live under the rules of any religion's hat but for me and quite a few more, religion is a closed door to free thought. My God. Knows his name, and it ain’t one given by any man which came long after the old spirit dude was existent on this mortal, material plane. So just for the sake of ignorance of religious wars or religions used as an excuse for the greedy to have wars waged for prophets I mean profits or the quest for truth I mean proof that the power of man is growing among men so someone is controlling all who bow and killing all that won’t. Call me dead, shoot me like a Paris cop, with a kill shot direct to the head, for I will not die on my knees bowing to some assholes decrees that his religion is the only one. For if that is the truth as truth knows itself to be then fuck me, there is no love, nor has there ever been under the sun.

© M Durfee

Freedom of speech is under assault worldwide. You may not like what I say, but I will not allow anyone to prevent me from saying it.

“Find your own Path” –Siddhartha the Buddha on his death bed.


  1. so where is the line where one persons freedom impinges on that of another?

    not that i disagree with you, just that i think on that some times as i define what freedom really is....

    prophets and profits....ha...yeah....they get confused often...

  2. If the Almighty has to depend on our vengeance to protect God's dignity, what kind of God do we have?

  3. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. These mad Islamic extremist murderers are thus destroyed by their own filthy action.

    These dogs will be put down like the rabid animals they are.

  4. I just can hardly imagine killing someone because of a cartoon.

  5. So good to know that you still writing it as it is Mark!

  6. Everyone, this was my answer to an article by a Muslim in the Detroit News Yesterday

    "“The publisher should not have been murdered, it’s a crime against humanity ... but I don’t think he’s some kind of martyr for free speech,” he said. “I would caution people not to simplify this just as a free speech issue.”

    My dear Mr. Walid,

    You do not classify the victims of this religious extreme violence as martyrs for free speech, yet they and their speech were attacked for no other reason than some in the Muslim community wished to silence their voices because someone, somewhere in the Muslim world put a bounty on them, sent out a gangster hit squad for no other reason than to murder them and the innocent police protecting them, from just such an attack.

    Freedom of speech is freedom to express ideas that are unpopular with some or all segments of society, if satire is not protected speech then near every opinion piece or editorial written for public dissemination is not protected speech. For example there are many things written about the people of Detroit that is extremely derogatory, yet those who comment thus are definitely protected in their right to say what they will without fear of retaliation or the need for round the clock daily police protection. That is freedom, freedom to not only speak but to move about without fear of two men with fully automatic weapons entering their workspace, shouting religious sayings and gunning down police, satirists and a secretary.

    The attack that you condemn on one hand you tacitly support with your statement that “Muslims are very sensitive of depictions of the prophet. This is countered by the sacrality of freedom of expression,” In other words if I say no bad thing, make no satirical remark or drawing about Mohammed, I am free to say what I want.

    Does that hold true if I criticize Mohammed's son another revered figure in Islam, or Mecca or any of the other considered Islamic holy sites, or living Imams considered holy by their adherents. How about the Wahhabi, and their constant preaching in the mosques of Saudi Arabia of the beauty of violence in the name of the prophet? What if I criticize the Sunni or the Shia sects; do I get a freedom of speech pass in any of those criticisms or am I only restricted to expressing my opinions of Mohammed?

    That is not freedom, unfettered. It is your desire to force me through the use of violence to conform to your religion's principles, which to be honest I do not believe in. I believe in your right to be a Muslim and all that entails, even though I find much I Islam to be misogynistic, a form of segregation, and a religion intent on violently overtaking the sovereign nations of other peoples of the supposed same faith. When the reality is it is just as political a front as almost every other religion in the world.

    And then you ask for acceptance because you gave a few dollars to people unable to pay their water bills, which in fact enables them to continue to not take personal responsibility for the resources we all pay for. I am not anti-Muslim sir, I have defended your right to your faith many times in these comments, especially in the incident when the Christians forced you through fear and costs to cancel the Arab festival. In my view their actions with a pigs head and the invasion of the Arab festival which was enjoyed by them of all faiths was wrongfully desecrated by them who call themselves Christians, and was an act of terror.

    1. Yet in this instance to say that those of the magazine Charlie were murdered for any other reason than some in the Muslim faith did not like what they depicted or wrote is an absolute misdirection and dissimulation of the truth. They were placed under a sentence of death by the Ayatollah Khomeini for their satirical cartoons. And not only them but also a Japanese translator who was stabbed, Charlie Hebdo one of them murdered this week was previously shot, the offices bombed, and the Italian publisher of Charlie was also stabbed. If you wish freedom sir, you MUST allow it to others who do not think as you do, do not believe as you do and more importantly do not attack the principles of freedom of speech as some in Islam do.

      Metro area Muslims fear backlash over massacre


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