Friday, November 7, 2014


“Leave me be, leave me be.” Said the dog to the flea.
“I’ve itched enough for a lifetime already,
though I only be four.”

“But, but I too have needs” said the flea,
“I have to get under your skin
for a place to put my eggs in.

It’s nature don’t you see,
not a sin for me
to leave some of mine behind.”

“I will scratch and bight and try my best
to kill your nest
and though you jump and hop and skip away from my teeth,

I’ll go crazy
trying to do all I can do
to make an end of you.”

“Try what you will, do what you have to do,
we’ve both been here before sometimes you win,
but most times you lose,

my eggs are all aplanted now and they will do
what they do to the million times bigger you,
may as well learn to accept your regrets and lest you forget—

it has always been the smaller body irritating the bigger
to give up all, in bits and pieces, to us fleas and chiggers
the places we the few fulfill our needs do what we must to

suck your blood,
your flesh to feed,
to plant our seeds.”

© M Durfee

Today, 3 days after what I consider another vote against freedom, Detroit will learn its fate from the bankruptcy court. My, my how the world has changed in my lifetime.


  1. heh. you can look at this a few ways...obviously the bloodsuckers who most likely just bought the election...and i am sure there are a few conservatives that would read this as those on public assistance....our nature eh?

  2. This has so many meanings, could be put into a multitude of situations and still make sense.

  3. Should I strive to be the dog or the flea... I think the latter.

  4. Apparently freedom is just a word on most people's lips when it comes to voting, and it doesn't affect their choices

  5. we the few need to vote more often….

    i love this mark, though i'm not sure the conclusion is factual. sometimes the dog wins. with or without help.

    i heard detroit is out of bankruptcy. i hope that may mean something good at a distant point where your pitch perfect eyesight is still good enoght

    kiss kiss mark. hope all is well

  6. I'm with Alice Audrey - time to kill the fleas.

  7. Have been raised to be a flea ... so what ... let's enjoy life ... am not saying it's easy, but nobody has it easy ... i work in psych ...and let me assure you, that rich and poor alike are very much willing to sleep on a mattress on the floor, dressed in a strong gown ... if only happiness would return ...

  8. We be the fleas; grit in the gears!

  9. I really have no mood for replies back to all of you. Anyone know of a reasonably priced house with a mountain view and nt too far off the beaten track?

  10. Mark, come on down. Lots of great property near Robbinsville, NC. Up in the hills for sure.
    Just heard that Detroit is being bought up by Chinese. It gets a lot of coverage on the DIY network too. I wish that Detroit would recover and be back on track. Don't really like the Chinese idea but they will own us before all is over.


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